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    Henry County Truck Accident Lawyer

    With a society more reliant upon delivery services than ever before, it makes sense that there are also more trucks on the road. In order to meet the demand of online shoppers, many companies such as FedEx and UPS have expanded their fleets of tractor trailers in order to make shipping deadlines. However, the increased number of trucks on the road means a greater potential for dangerous truck accidents.  

    If you are suffering from injuries sustained in a tractor trailer crash, a Henry County truck accident lawyer may be able to help. Georgia law allows victims to pursue legal action when their injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness. An experienced attorney could help you determine if your accident happened because of negligence on the part of the truck driver, their company or the manufacturer of the tractor trailer itself.  

    Truck Accident Liability

    Trucks are complex machines that require serious focus to build, maintain, and operate. A mistake made at any one of those phases in the process of producing and using the vehicle can have deadly consequences. While sometimes truckers themselves are solely to blame for truck accidents, in many cases the manufacturer of the truck or the company employing the driver share equal degrees of liability. 

    Commercial truck drivers log thousands of miles a year in their vehicles, and a failure to adequately perform regular oil changes and tire inflation can have dire results. If a truck had a defective design to begin with the manufacturer may shoulder the blame for a serious accident that results from a mechanical malfunction. 

    Truck drivers are held responsible for their actions behind the wheel, just like any other motorist. Truckers work long hours and are sometimes distracted or drowsy at the wheel. When they fail to take breaks and get enough rest, they may put other motorists in danger. 

    Damage Caused by Truck Crashes 

    Because of the sheer difference in size between the average tractor-trailer and the average passenger vehicle on the road, damage done in truck crashes is often significant. Passengers frequently need serious medical attention and sometimes require ongoing care for their injuries. Because of the severity of such injuries, many cannot go back to work right away. Time off work may go unpaid, placing financial pressure on the family of the victim.   

    Fortunately, there are legal options for victims of Henry County truck accidents. While every case is different, many truck accident settlements include recompense for medical bills and lost wages. When injuries are catastrophic and the victim can no longer perform their usual duties at work, payment for their lost earning potential could be factored into a claim as well. Even non-economic damages like pain and suffering may be compensated for in such a settlement. 

    How a Henry County Attorney Could Help

    It is not always immediately apparent who is liable for the damage done in truck accidents. However, a Henry County truck accident lawyer could help you ensure that the right person or company is held responsible for their actions.  

    If you need help in the wake of a truck collision, reach out for a confidential consultation. The appointment is risk-free and could give you valuable insight into your legal options. Statutes of limitation do apply to Henry County truck crashes, though, so schedule your consultation as soon as possible.