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    Henry County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

    Pharmaceutical companies could cut corners and distribute dangerous drugs in the market before fully testing them to identify potential long-term effects, side effects, and/or interactions with other medications. This negligence could cause serious harm to unsuspecting consumers.

    If you have suffered an injury after safely taking medication, a Henry County dangerous drugs lawyer might be able to help you file an action for compensation. Companies who choose to put profits before safety should be held accountable when you sustain an injury from a defective or untested drug, and an experienced personal injury attorney could give you advice about doing so in your specific situation.

    Types of Dangerous Drugs

    Prescription drugs use a variety of chemicals to alter the way the body operates. While powerful and generally helpful when used correctly, these drugs could also cause severe side effects and complications for consumers. Common types of drugs which have caused issues could include but are not limited to:

    • Birth control pills
    • Antidepressants
    • Drugs to lower cholesterol
    • Arthritis medications

    Drugs labeled safe for consumer use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could also harm consumers. Individuals injured by mislabeled or under-tested drugs may have grounds for a civil case and could benefit from contacting a knowledgeable dangerous drugs lawyer in Henry County.

    Side Effects of Defective Drugs

    While many drugs are labeled with potential side effects, users may still experience additional damages not listed. While some side effects of defective drugs may only last a short time and leave no lasting damage behind, others may contribute to serious health conditions which could include:

    • Cancer
    • Heart attack
    • Stroke
    • Kidney failure
    • Impairment of liver
    • Blood clots

    Even if these complications are not immediately apparent or recognizable, they could still cause permanent—or fatal—impairments. These injuries are not the user’s fault so long as they used the drug as directed by their doctor, and plaintiffs injured by unsafe substances could hold the responsible parties accountable.

    Liability of Drug Companies for Dangerous Drugs

    A skilled Henry County attorney may be able to hold multiple entities financially liable for injuries related to dangerous drugs. While the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the drugs most typically bears the majority of fault, they and other parties could face civil liability under the legal theories of strict liability, negligence, and/or a failure to warn.

    Strict Liability

    In a strict liability case, the drug company is responsible for any injuries that occur when a consumer takes the drug as directed by the company. Directions could be placed on the substance’s label. There is typically no need for the claimant to show any fault or negligence on the part of the drug company to pursue a strict liability claim. An attorney could help a plaintiff determine what type of claim they could pursue.


    A negligence case typically requires a plaintiff to show that the drug company was careless or reckless in testing, formulating, or otherwise producing the drug. If a person suspects there was a lack of regard for user safety by a pharmaceutical company, they could consider pursuing a negligence claim.

    Duty to Warn of Potential Harm

    If a manufacturer of a drug knows about potential risks of harm, side effects, or interaction problems with other medications, they must notify consumers of those risks. If they neglect to do so, that company may be held civilly liable.

    Calling a Henry County Dangerous Drugs Attorney

    If you have taken a drug that caused unexpected side effects, harmful medication interactions, or medical conditions, you might be able to file a dangerous drugs claim. There are laws in place to hold drug companies responsible for the safety of their products, and a dedicated attorney might be able to fight for your rights.

    It could be beneficial for you to contact a Henry County dangerous drugs lawyer immediately after you experience adverse symptoms or negative conditions resulting from a medication. To learn more about your legal options, call today.