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    Henry County Dog Bite Lawyer

    Every year, many people in Henry County suffer injuries from dog bites, being knocked over by dogs, or attempting to escape an attacking dog. Regardless of how it plays out, any animal attack can lead to pain, serious injuries, and medical expenses.

    While dogs can make great pets, any owner should be aware that they could be dangerous. Unfortunately, some people disregard the danger their pet may pose to others. If you were recently attacked by a dog, an experienced personal injury attorney could help you build a thorough case for civil damages. Once you have obtained medical attention, contact a Henry County dog bite lawyer for help evaluating your claim.

    The “Dog Bite” Statute Applicable to Henry County

    Georgia’s “dog bite” law establishes liability for injuries caused by almost any type of animal. Anyone injured by another person’s animal may be eligible for recovery, especially if the owner expressed disregard for reasonable or mandated safety measures.

    O.C.G.A. §51-2-7 provides that an animal’s owner may be held liable for injuries their animal causes under the following conditions:

    • The animal is determined to be dangerous
    • The animal was carelessly managed or free-roaming
    • The victim did not provoke injury

    Georgia law holds that an owner must be aware of when their animal poses a threat. This is commonly referred to as the “one bite rule,” which implies that an owner cannot be aware their dog is dangerous until it bites someone. However, a seasoned Henry County dog bite lawyer could help establish other circumstances that may mark an animal as potentially dangerous.

    For example, local laws require domestic animals to be on leashes or controlled at all terms. If the animal was not under its owner’s control during the attack, failure to follow these laws could make an owner liable for any resulting injuries.

    Limitations in Dog Bite Cases

    Any claims resulting from a dog bite or other animal attack are legally classified as personal injury claims. Most states, including Georgia, impose time limits on when a potential plaintiff can file their claim. This is commonly called a statute of limitations.

    Most personal injury lawsuit claims, including those centered around dog bites, must be filed within two years of the incident in question. Potential plaintiffs in Henry County may find contacting a dog bite attorney early on beneficial for their own peace of mind, just from knowing their claim will be properly filed within the time limit.

    Contacting legal counsel early can also help ensure accurate and clear evidence could be collected. As more time passes, it could become increasingly difficult to acquire or preserve witness statements, photographs of injuries, and information about the scene of the attack.

    How a Henry County Dog Bite Attorney Could Help

    While dog bite injuries may be common in Henry County, the resulting injuries could lead to life-altering consequences. Any attacking animal may cause deep cuts that could potentially damage nerves and tissues and leave lasting physical and emotional scars.

    It is possible the owner of the animal that attacked you may have acted with disregard to the law and to your safety. If so, a dedicated Henry County dog bite lawyer could help you understand the applicable state and local laws and how they may apply to your situation. After seeking medical attention, reach out to a dedicated attorney to schedule a consultation and discuss the specifics of your attack.