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    Henry County Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Many Henry County residents find bicycling to be an enjoyable method of transportation. However, it can become dangerous if other drivers fail to properly share the road. A cyclist may suffer broken bones, fractures, or devastating spinal injuries when they hit by a car.

    Although bike crashes are usually not the cyclist’s fault, it is possible they may have played a minor role—or more likely, that a defendant or their insurance company may attempt to shift blame towards the victim. Fortunately, a proactive personal injury attorney may be able to help protect you from this in your case. Talk to a Henry County bicycle accident lawyer today to get help fighting for compensation and pursuing a positive outcome.

    Negligence in Henry County

    Usually, a successful bicycle accident claim centers around the theory of negligence, which establishes that everyone legally owes a duty of care to reasonably protect other people around them and, if they fail to do so, could be held liable for any injuries that result. For example, if a driver looks at their cell phone rather than the road ahead, that driver could be breaching their reasonable duty of care to pay attention and ensure they do not hit other drivers—or, in this case, bicyclists.

    Generally, a plaintiff in a bike wreck case must show that this failure—or breach of duty—was the direct cause of any harm sustained. In these cases, the driver may be required to pay damages for harm such as physical injuries or property damage. An experienced bike crash attorney in Henry County could explain how a driver’s actions may or may not qualify as legal negligence.

    What is Comparative Negligence?

    When it comes to bike crashes, multiple parties order soma online prescription could share fault depending on the circumstances. If a driver struck a cyclist and gets accused of negligence, they or their lawyer may argue that the accident was at least partially due to the bicyclist’s negligent behavior.

    If the court finds that a cyclist’s actions partially caused an accident, the bicyclist may be held liable as well. This rule, called comparative negligence, could alter the compensation an injured bike rider could receive.

    The amount recoverable is typically reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to the accident victim—so, for example, someone found 20 percent at fault for their own wreck could recover 80 percent of their total damages at most. However, if a plaintiff is found to be 50 percent or more responsible for an accident, they may be unable to recover any money at all.

    Potential Recoverable Damages

    If liability is proven, an injured bicyclist may be entitled to recover monetary damages for various injuries and losses. Experienced Henry County bike accident lawyers may help plaintiffs seek recovery for economic losses like medical bills, lost wages, or damaged property, as well as for more intangible harms like emotional stress or pain and suffering.

    Getting Help from a Henry County Bicycle Crash Attorney

    If you are struck by a car while riding your bike, your first priority should be a full physical recovery. Often, entering a lawsuit may be your last thought. However, a Henry County bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help you explore your options and minimize stress over complicated legal matters.

    A knowledgeable attorney could evaluate your situation, work to collect evidence on your behalf, and help protect you against unfounded claims of partial negligence. Reach out today to get started on your case.