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    Rome Sexual Abuse Lawyer

    For victims of sexual abuse, the effects can be life-altering. Not only may sexual abuse survivors experience emotional trauma, but they may feel unable to share the details of their attack because of the stigma surrounding sexual abuse.

    If you or a loved one would like to come forward with your story, consider calling a Rome sexual abuse lawyer. A professional attorney admires the courage it takes to talk about your sexual attack and are committed to being by your side as you stand up to your abuser and any of their enablers. You may be able to pursue compensation for your damages to ease your pain.

    What is Considered Sexual Abuse in Rome?

    In Georgia, sexual abuse refers to any nonconsensual sexual activity. This does not necessarily have to include force. Sexual abuse includes:

    • Sexual battery
    • Sexual assault
    • Rape
    • Date rape
    • Attempted rape
    • Improper touching
    • Child molestation

    Additionally, Georgia laws prohibit sexual contact between anyone with a supervisory or disciplinary authority and their supervisee regardless of consent. Examples of this type of relationship include student-teacher, psychotherapist-patient, law enforcement officer-detainee, and hospital staff-patient.

    Criminal vs. Civil Lawsuits

    Far too many sexual abusers get away with their crimes and are never imprisoned. However, even if an abuser has escaped criminal conviction, victims could still seek justice by pursuing a civil lawsuit. A personal injury claim is a way for victims to hold sexual abusers accountable for their actions by obtaining compensation from the abusers to pay for various damages.

    There are several key differences between criminal and civil sexual abuse lawsuits. The purpose of a criminal sexual abuse trial is to punish the offender and protect society. The purpose of a civil sexual abuse lawsuit, however, is to compensate the victim for their injuries caused by the abuser and hold the alleged abuser accountable for their actions.

    Standards of Evidence

    The proof that is necessary to win a case differs between a criminal lawsuit and civil lawsuit. To win a criminal trial, the plaintiff must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If the alleged abuser is found guilty, they may be required to serve a prison sentence.

    With a personal injury claim, however, the plaintiff and their attorney must prove the crime occurred more likely than not. If the claimant is able to prove this, the offender may be required to pay monetary compensation to the victim.

    Building a Solid Abuse Case

    Proving a sexual abuse case to a judge or jury can be difficult, especially since evidence is often scarce and witnesses may be reluctant to be involved. However, a Rome sexual abuse lawyer could help build a solid sexual abuse case by bringing in medical experts to testify about the victim’s injuries, asking the alleged abuser questions under oath, and preparing victims to testify about the attack.

    Corroborating evidence is also extremely important, and a lawyer could work to gather medical and physical evidence, such as semen, saliva, clothing, and fibers. A lawyer could also use the abuser’s criminal history, witness testimony, and mental health records to support a survivor’s claims.

    Speak with a Rome Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

    If you are ready to seek justice for your sexual abuse, consider contacting a Rome sexual abuse lawyer. Injury attorneys understand the obstacles and stigma involved in these cases and know how to overcome these with thorough investigation. By gathering all possible evidence, local attorneys could help increase your chances of a successful lawsuit.