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    Rome Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Getting into a bicycle wreck could be a frightening situation with overwhelming legal issues that follow. If you were hurt while riding your bike by someone driving a larger vehicle, hiring a Rome bicycle accident lawyer may provide you with the representation you need to approach and present a case for monetary compensation as effectively as possible.

    Bicycle crash laws in Georgia may be tricky to navigate, and negative public opinion of bike riders could sometimes influence witnesses of an accident as well as professionals in the legal system. An experienced attorney who is committed to helping you may be able to guide you through the ordeal.

    Accident Laws

    Georgia state law defines a bicycle as a vehicle. This technically makes every bike rider a car driver in the eyes of the law, which may mean bike riders are responsible for following traffic laws just as a car driver would.

    Official Code of Georgia §40-6-56 states that cyclists must maintain a “safe distance” from vehicles, which is defined as three feet or more of separation. This rule also states that whenever possible, car drivers must keep the same safe distance from bike riders when passing or overtaking them while going in the same direction they are until they have safely passed them completely.

    Unfortunately, some drivers leave the scene after bike crashes, either intentionally or because they do not realize someone was hurt. For injured bike riders, it may be difficult to remember details such as whether the driver kept a safe distance.

    Plaintiffs could rely on a Rome bicycle accident lawyer to put together an accurate picture of their wreck after-the-fact. During this time, the injured individual could focus on healing from the pain they are experiencing, while their skilled attorney could help them pursue money to pay for damages as comfortably as possible.

    Fighting “Dooring” Claims

    A big fear for bike riders may be “dooring,” which is when a parked or stopped vehicle opens its door into a bike rider’s path before they could swerve out of the way. It is a particularly dangerous situation that may cause bike riders to fall off their bike or veer into oncoming traffic, either of which could lead to serious crashes.

    After a dooring incident, an injured bike rider may have the right to fight for compensation for any damages. However, the legal team representing the responsible driver could likely argue that the driver was not responsible. It also does not help that some Rome police officers may not be familiar with bicycle laws and might often ticket bike riders when they arrive at these scenes, even if the bike rider was the one who suffered injuries.

    If a bike rider follows all the right laws while riding their bike—such as O.C.G.A. §40-6-296, which requires riders to ensure they are visible to other drivers with bright clothing, reflective strips, and/or lights between sunset and sunrise—they may not be held at fault and deserve compensation for their injuries. A bicycle accident attorney in Rome could help individual bike riders take stock of their damages and stand up for their rights in court.

    Speak with a Rome Bicycle Accident Attorney

    Riders deserve as much respect in that context as any car driver would. The negative attitudes that many people hold toward bike riders could affect their judgment, especially in regards to the aftermath of wrecks. Often, this could mean people forget that bicycles are also vehicles under the law.

    Hiring a Rome bicycle accident lawyer may be the best way to ensure you get a fair shake in court and could present your situation as accurately as possible. To learn more about what options might be available in your case, call today.