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    Rome Premises Liability Lawyer

    When a property owner is negligent, they can be held liable for having put others at risk. Under local, state, and federal laws, property owners must make sure their premises are safe for visitors and customers. Therefore, if you were injured on someone else’s premises, you may have a right to be compensated for your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

    By hiring a Rome premises liability lawyer, you could have an experienced legal ally who could work with you to compile the information needed to prove liability. A local personal injury attorney could also negotiate with property owners and insurance companies, ensure all legal filings on done on time, and fight for your rights both in and out of court.

    Laws Applicable to Property Owners and Landlords

    The law in Georgia states that any property owner or landlord who is aware of unsafe conditions and subsequently fails to remedy those unsafe conditions may be liable for any resulting injuries that happen on or in their property or building.

    Specific Conditions That Could Result in Liability:

    As Rome premises liability lawyers know, the following types of unsafe conditions could make a property owner or landlord liable in civil court if they result in injury to a property visitor:

    • Failure to post signage warning of unsafe conditions
    • Failure to install deadbolts on doors of a rental unit
    • Uneven surfaces caused by broken tiles, flooring, or concrete
    • Failure to remove standing water, ice, or debris from walkways
    • Substandard and unsafe electrical wiring
    • Building code violations, faulty construction, or inferior building materials

    In addition to these conditions there are several other ones that could be used in a case to prove liability.

    Proving Liability

    The key to winning a premises liability claim is not gauged by the degree of the plaintiff’s injuries or losses, but rather by whether a Rome premises liability lawyer can prove that the property owner or landlord was legally responsible for their injury. This often requires an experienced lawyer who knows the local, state, and federal laws.

    Attempting to navigate the legal system alone could result in a plaintiff losing their right to seek compensation for their losses. For instance, there are specific deadlines to file claims, and a specific way in which the legal process must be handled, that many laypeople may not be aware of.

    In addition, insurance companies may try to get plaintiffs to accept an early settlement, which is typically much less than they could be entitled to receive. Having the assistance of a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer in Rome who could fight on their behalf could be critical to a plaintiff’s success in winning their case.

    Contacting a Rome Premises Liability Attorney

    A dedicated Rome premises liability lawyer could negotiate for you, help prove liability, and seek fair and equitable compensation for your physical suffering, financial losses, and medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Do not struggle on your own to navigate the legal process to receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. Instead, schedule a consultation with a local attorney today and see what they could do to help.