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    DeKalb County Truck Accident Lawyer

    When a truck collides with a significantly smaller vehicle, the result could be catastrophic and even fatal. Truck accidents often cause serious injuries and damages for everyone involved because of their size and force of impact. Someone who was injured in a truck collision caused by the carelessness or negligence of another party may be able to recover compensation. A person who faces such injuries may want to meet with a DeKalb County truck accident lawyer.

    Sustaining serious injuries in a truck accident could leave a person with extensive medical bills. A professional injury attorney could help compile evidence which may support a person’s claim for compensation.

    Causes of Serious Truck Crashes

    Truck accidents could occur when truck drivers operate their vehicles in a reckless or careless manner. Truck drivers may sometimes violate speed limits or act recklessly because they could be in a hurry to deliver a shipment. This may especially be true if they receive a financial incentive for delivering freight quickly.

    When truck drivers operate their vehicles in a careless and reckless manner or when they violate weight, load, and cargo requirements under the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, they may cause various types of accidents. These may include:

    • Rear end accidents
    • Jackknife accidents
    • Truck turnover accidents
    • Fires and other explosions

    Trucking Company Responsibility

    Some truckers are independent contractors, rather than employees. However, if a trucker is an employee of a trucking company and causes an accident, the injured person may be able to file a legal claim directly against the trucking company. As such, a judge or jury could find the trucking company liable for the activities of its employees, perhaps by ordering the freight delivered in a tight time frame and causing the driver to speed or not adequately training operators. The trucking company may also be liable if they violated safety regulations, such as by overloading the truck.

    Repair Facility Negligence

    Tractors and trailers frequently require maintenance for safe operation on DeKalb County roadways. If a truck repair facility failed to make the proper repairs on a tractor or trailer or makes the repairs in a negligent manner, the injured individual may be able to sue the repair facility directly.

    A person injured by a truck accident may be able to recover compensation for all of their medical procedures, bills, and treatment costs. They could also recover compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life, especially in cases where they sustain permanent injuries and damages. A DeKalb County truck accident lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to help an individual recover compensation.

    Contacting a DeKalb County Truck Accident Attorney

    Truck drivers and trucking companies generally owe a duty to other motor vehicle drivers to operate their vehicles carefully and keep others on the road safe. When truck drivers operate their vehicles negligently or when trucking companies are careless, either party may be liable for the injuries they cause in a crash.

    Someone who may be suffering from serious injuries, lost time at work, medical bills, and other losses may be able to hold these parties legally accountable. A DeKalb County truck accident lawyer could review the situation and the evidence to file a claim for potential compensation. A skilled injury attorney could help navigate the caveats of personal injury laws and work an injured person’s best interests.