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    DeKalb County Car Accident Lawyer

    A serious car accident may cause injuries that disrupt a person’s daily routine and potentially lessens their quality of life. Medical treatment for injuries may be expensive, depending on the nature and extent of the injuries. Severe injuries may also take valuable time away from a person’s job and their ability to spend time with family. Someone who has suffered such injuries may want to discuss legal options with a DeKalb County car accident lawyer.

    When a person becomes injured as the result of another party’s recklessness, they could be eligible to collect compensation. Consult an understanding attorney who could review the case and potentially help determine liability in the crash.

    Filing a Claim for Damages

    After a car crash, a person injured in a car accident should notify their insurance company of the car accident and any injuries they suffered. It is important to clearly articulate the symptoms associated with the injuries because the insurance company of the at-fault driver could provide monetary coverage for any damages if a personal injury case is successful. A person who gives a generalized statement about an injury may not be as successful in court.

    Negotiating a Car Accident Settlement

    Negotiating a car accident claim can be a time-intensive and complex process. Insurance company adjusters generally work in their own best interest, rather than the interest of the individual injured in a car accident. This means they could try to offer the minimum amount of coverage to the individual in a personal injury settlement to lessen the insurance company’s expenses.

    The negotiation process may require patience while the injured individual or the DeKalb County car accident attorney representing them confers with the insurance company’s adjuster. If both parties in the case reach a settlement, the case does not typically proceed to trial. If they do not reach a settlement, the parties may take the personal injury case to trial.

    Factors Affecting the Value of a Case

    Certain factors may affect the ultimate value of a car wreck settlement in DeKalb County. These factors could include whether:

    • The insurance company accepts or disputes liability in the case
    • The insurance company accepts all medical treatment as being related to the car accident
    • The insurance company accepts all lost wage documentation as true and authentic
    • The accident victim sustained permanent injuries and damages in the accident
    • The accident victim has identifiable symptoms from the injuries sustained in the accident
    • A causal connection between the accident and the victim’s injuries can be ascertained
    • A lost wage expert or vocational rehabilitation expert could testify that the accident victim will lose their earning capacity, either fully or partially, because of the accident

    Calling a DeKalb County Car Accident Attorney

    A person who is injured in a car crash may want to strongly focus on their recovery. Stressing about funding their recovery could make it more difficult to heal. A skilled DeKalb County car accident lawyer could look into different damages that may apply to the case. These may include compensation for bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

    If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, an experienced injury attorney could review the facts surrounding the incident and potentially work to develop a successful legal strategy. They could consider all the relevant factors to efficiently file a claim and negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf. Call today to get help pursuing fair compensation.