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    Dallas Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

    Individuals who have suffered bodily harm after a side-impact collision may be frightened and confused. They may be wondering if they will be able to pay for their medical treatment or make any income while they recover. To make matters worse, insurance companies may try to limit the extent of an individual’s losses or deny liability altogether.

    Fortunately, a Dallas side-impact car accident lawyer could help. An experienced attorney could gather the evidence needed to show that another party was responsible and help you measure your losses to pursue claims for fair compensation.

    Determining Fault in a T-Bone Accident Case

    The first and most crucial step in any car wreck claim is determining which driver was at fault. Every driver takes on a duty to follow all traffic laws and to avoid any behavior that may put others on the road at risk of har. Any motorist who fails to uphold this duty is negligent in the eyes of the law.

    The most direct way to prove negligence is to show that a driver violated a traffic law and that this violation led to the collision. Some examples of how these violations could lead to side-impact car wrecks may include:

    • Running a stop sign and entering an intersection when another car is already there
    • Failing to check blind spots before changing lanes and merging into another vehicle
    • Improperly yielding onto a highway and colliding with another car

    To prove negligence, it is necessary to track the case through traffic court. A guilty verdict can serve as evidence of negligence in a civil claim for damages. Other T-bone accident cases may require a more nuanced approach. For instance, if an officer does not issue a ticket, liability for the accident may be more difficult to discover. In this situation, a Dallas lawyer could talk to witnesses, uncover dashcam footage, and work with accident reconstructionists to determine the cause of the side-impact car crash.

    Measuring a Claimant’s Losses

    Another portion of pursuing a T-bone accident case is evaluating how that incident has affected the plaintiff’s life. Naturally, the primary concern is the resulting physical injuries. Side-impact collisions can put great strain on a person’s arms, legs, and back. Broken bones, separated joints, and ligament damage are all common physical ailments that result from these crashes.

    The purpose of a claim is to obtain all the compensation needed to set things right. This requires a person to evaluate how the accident affected their mental health in addition to their body. PTSD, nightmares, and a general loss of quality of life are all compensable losses. A Dallas T-bone accident lawyer could help pursue a claim for its full value.

    Speak with a Dallas Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

    Every person who suffers an injury because of the negligence of another party has the right to seek compensation for their losses. This includes people who get hurt in side-impact collisions. With the potentially life-altering nature of many of these incidents, it is vital to protect your legal rights while pursuing your claim.

    Hiring a Dallas side-impact car accident lawyer could be an essential step in the recovery process. An attorney could gather vital evidence, protect your claim against aggressive insurance companies, and measure your losses to ensure a fair settlement. Contact our office today to make an appointment and to get started on your claim.