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    Dallas Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

     A large proportion of the car wrecks that occur in Dallas involve one driver rear-ending another. While it may appear obvious that the following driver in the collision is at-fault, and the law does assume this outcome. It still falls to a plaintiff to prove that a defendant’s negligence was the cause of their losses. This may require talking to witnesses, gathering police reports, and visiting the scene of the accident, which can be overwhelming for someone to do on their own.

    Fortunately, a Dallas rear-end car accident lawyer is prepared to take the lead in pursuing these claims. An experienced attorney could establish your legal rights and protect your case against aggressive insurance companies.

    Demonstrating Fault in Rear-End Collision Cases

    Every driver who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle assumes a duty of care to follow the rules of the road as well as to avoid behavior that places others at risk of harm. A failure to uphold this duty means that an individual is negligent.

    Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are a common result of a failure to uphold this duty. Even so, the mere fact that one motorist rear-ends another is not definitive proof of negligence. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-12-33 states that courts must examine the actions of all parties and assign blame accordingly. As a result, a defendant may argue that the plaintiff made a sudden stop, which caused the following driver to collide with the person in front of them. A Dallas rear-end car wreck attorney could help gather the evidence needed to prove defendant negligence.

    Protecting Claimants from Aggressive Insurance Companies

    Even when the facts of a case point toward defendant negligence, plaintiffs may still experience difficulty in collecting the payments they need. One of the most common sources of this resistance are insurance companies.

    Insurance providers deploy many tactics to limit their financial responsibility. The first is to offer a token settlement in an attempt to dispose of the claim quickly. Many plaintiffs feel overwhelmed by the claims process and may accept any payment to conclude the case. Unfortunately, signing these offers creates a contract, and injured claimants may be unable to seek further compensation.

    A similar trick involves sending an injured person a written statement and asking for a signature. These statements often recount the accident in a way that is beneficial to their insuree and may serve as powerful evidence in a potential trial that harms a plaintiff’s case.

    Finally, an insurance company could argue that the plaintiff’s losses were not due to the accident. While it is true that a liable defendant must provide payments for all resulting damages, there can be a legitimate dispute over the source of those losses. A Dallas lawyer could help protect an individual’s rear-end car accident claim against common insurance company tactics.

    Retain a Dallas Rear-End Car Accident Attorney

    Rear-end collisions may result in a variety of physical injuries. It is not uncommon for people to suffer injuries to their backs, necks, shoulders, and heads. In addition to these physical losses, an individual also may endure emotional traumas as well.

    Seeking a resolution to these losses in the form of compensation can be a stressful and complicated matter. Therefore, you may need help to achieve the best possible result. A Dallas rear-end car accident lawyer could fight for you. They can handle every portion of the claim to protect your rights while you focus on getting better. Contact one of our dedicated attorneys today to schedule a consultation.