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    Dallas Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

    A front-end car accident is any collision where the point of impact on the plaintiff’s vehicle is the front bumper. As with any other type of auto wreck case, head-one collision claims require the plaintiff to prove that another party’s negligence was the source of the wreck. This can require extensive accident reconstruction, tracking down witnesses, and obtaining police reports. It is not surprising that many injured individuals can become overwhelmed by this process.

    A Dallas front-end car accident lawyer could help you obtain the compensation you need to recover fully. A skilled car wreck attorney could provide insight into the causes and effects of your wreck and pursue at-fault defendants for all proper compensation.

    How do Front-End Car Accidents Occur?

    Head-on auto crashes can range in severity from mere taps that do not deploy an airbag, to high-speed collisions where the entire front of the vehicle compresses. Understanding how these accidents occur is essential to pursuing claims for damages.

    One of the most common sources of front-end collisions are situations where a defendant motorist drifts over a double-yellow line and enters oncoming traffic or when a driver goes the wrong way down a one-way street. Additionally, these front-end crashes may occur when a driver becomes distracted or operates their motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Dallas head-on car accident lawyer could assess a case and determine the cause of a wreck.

    Potential Consequences of Head-On Collisions

    Front-end car crashes can inflict some of the most severe injuries that a person may be forced to endure. The impact of a vehicle can place immense pressure on a person’s bones and joints, causing them to fracture and result in damage to internal organs. Some examples of physical injuries that a person may sustain include:

    • Broken ribs, legs, or arms
    • Concussion and other traumatic brain injuries
    • Spinal damage
    • Separated shoulders and hips

    In these cases, an at-fault defendant is responsible to provide compensation for any resulting damage. Of course, this includes providing reimbursement for the costs of all necessary medical treatment. However, a comprehensive claim evaluates the total effect of the collision on a plaintiff’s life.

    Many plaintiffs suffer emotional trauma as a result of these wrecks. The crash may keep them out of work or school and leave them hesitant to get back in a car. Similarly, an inability to earn a living can result in significant economic damages. A negligent driver may be liable to pay for these emotional and economic losses. A Dallas lawyer could evaluate a front-end car accident case to identify what it may be worth.

    Reach out to a Dallas Front-End Car Accident Attorney

    Front-end car accidents can be some of the most difficult cases to pursue. However, working with a Dallas front-end car accident lawyer could increase your chances of success. An attorney could evaluate the cause of your losses, explain your rights under the law, and determine how that incident affected your life. Contact our office today to learn how we could help you.