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    Clayton County Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

    Suffering an injury in the workplace could be stressful since workers may worry about paying medical bills and providing financially for their families. They may also face pressure from their employer to return to work before they are ready. Insurance companies might try and use aggressive tactics to avoid paying on a workers’ compensation claim.

    If you have suffered an injury in the workplace, a Clayton County workers’ compensation lawyer could be an invaluable resource. Since an experienced injury attorney is well-versed in workers’ compensation laws, they can help ensure your claim is given the attention it deserves.

    What are an Injured Workers’ Rights in Georgia?

    Suffering an injury on the job may be an incredibly difficult experience. Since workers recovering physically may be inundated with forms and questions, it might important that an employee understands their rights after suffering a workplace injury.

    The Workers’ Compensation Act includes broad coverage for employees who are injured in the workplace. Under the workers’ compensation system, employees are entitled to certain benefits for injuries occur during the course of their employment. The workers’ compensation system could cover traumatic injuries that may include falls and injuries that occur over time that may include carpal tunnel. O.C.G.A. § 34-9-1(4).

    Employer Obligations Under Workers’ Compensation Laws

    The workers’ compensation laws also provide employees with certain rights and impose certain obligations on employers that may include:

    • The right to choose a doctor – Employers are required to post a list of at least six doctors that an employee may choose from
    • Medical benefits – A worker who is injured on the job is entitled to certain benefits covering medical expenses, doctors’ bills, prescription costs, and rehabilitation costs
    • Weekly income benefits – A worker who is injured and unable to work for more than seven days is entitled to weekly income benefits
    • Death benefits – In the event that a worker dies as a result of a workplace injury their dependents are entitled to receive burial expenses up to $7,500 and up to two-thirds of an employee’s average weekly salary up to $575 per week

    An injured worker could consult a Clayton County lawyer to learn what worker’s compensation rights they may have.

    Injuries Not Covered Under the Workers’ Compensation Act

    While the workers’ compensation act covers almost all work-related injuries there are some notable exceptions and exclusions. These may include:

    • Diseases that do not stem from a work-related injury or workplace condition
    • Willful acts of third parties
    • Alcoholism
    • Drug addiction

    Certain medical conditions are all also typically excluded from the definition of an injury. These may include heart disease, heart attack, failure or occlusion of any coronary blood vessel, stroke, and thrombosis.

    These conditions may be covered under the workers’ compensation system if a worker could demonstrate that one of these medical conditions may be attributed to a workplace injury. An experienced Clayton County workers’ compensation attorney could evaluate a case and help determine whether a workplace accident and injury entitle an employee to workers’ compensation benefits.

    Consulting with a Clayton County Workers’ Compensation Attorney

    If you were injured in the workplace, a Clayton County workers’ compensation lawyer may be ready to guide you through the complex workers’ compensation system. An attorney could review your case, help determine if you have a claim, file the appropriate forms, and negotiate with insurance providers.

    If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to appropriate compensation for your injuries. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Clayton County today to begin your claim.