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    Clayton County SSDI Lawyer

    Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) was created to provide benefits for individuals and their families in the event that a person becomes injured and are disabled. Benefits could help you cover your living expenses when you are no longer able to work.

    Applying for SSDI benefits could be incredibly complicated and frustrating. With the number of SSDI applications that are rejected, it may be beneficial to work with an experienced Clayton County SSDI lawyer. A diligent injury attorney could help ensure that your claim is given the consideration it deserves.

    Understanding SSDI

    Typically, a person could qualify for SSDI benefits if they suffered a disabling personal injury and were covered under the insurance program by virtue of working a certain number of years. While Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program, a person may be able to apply for SSDI benefits through one of the Georgia Disability Adjudication Services offices (DAS). Once DAS has received an application, they could evaluate the claim based on federal guidelines.

    While the SSDI system may be in place to provide individuals and their families with benefits and compensation up to $1,197 per month, a substantial percentage of applications are typically denied. The Social Security Administration has found that of all people who applied, only 35 to 40 percent were approved and were granted disability benefits. To help avoid a rejection, it may be important to work with an SSDI lawyer in Clayton County.

    Determining Eligibility in Clayton County

    To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, a person must meet certain criteria. They may need to demonstrate that they have paid into the social security program through their employer for a specified period of time and that they have a condition that meets and fulfills the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability.

    The criteria for determining whether a person qualifies for SSDI may be incredibly complex and confusing. There are different standards for adults and children when defining what constitutes a disability. An adult must have a physical or mental impairment that condition prevents them from obtaining any substantial gainful employment and is expected to last for a period of at least 12 months to qualify.

    Help With the Application Process

    While a significant number of SSDI applications are denied because an applicant failed to include a simple form or did not fill out a section of the application, Clayton County SSDI lawyers could provide hands-on guidance to avoid such mistakes.

    An attorney could help ensure that these complex and confusing forms are filled out properly and that the application contains all the necessary documentation. They may also provide critical support to those who have been denied SSDI benefits. By expediting the appeals process and coordinating documentation, an attorney could help present a case in the best light possible.

    A Clayton County SSDI Attorney Could Be a Guide

    For those who are disabled and unable to work, securing SSDI benefits may be extremely beneficial, and could provide a great sense of relief. A Clayton County SSDI lawyer understands how important this may be for you and your family and could meticulously collect the necessary information to help you apply for benefits. An attorney could help you through the review and appeal process in the event you are denied benefits. Call today to get the help you need.