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    Clayton County Boat Accident Lawyer

    Boating could be a wonderful pastime to enjoy during the summer months and many people flock to lakes, rivers, and reservoirs to enjoy the weather. It may also be inherently dangerous and accidents could occur if boat operators are not careful.

    If you or a loved one was involved in a boating accident, contact a dedicated Clayton County boat accident lawyer. A skilled injury attorney could help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering relating to your injuries.

    How do Boating Accidents Happen?

    In any boating accident that causes personal injuries, it may be important to understand the factors that contributed to or caused the accident. As stated by the United States Coast Guard, some of the most common causes of boat accidents may include a mixture of human error and mechanical failure. These crashes may be the result of:

    • Alcohol and drug use
    • Drug use
    • Excessive speed
    • Improper lookout
    • Inadequate onboard navigation
    • Equipment failure
    • Improper anchoring

    The weather could play a significant role in boat accident litigation and is typically cited as a contributing factor in many boat accident cases. For help understanding how the cause of a boat crash can affect a claim, it may be beneficial to speak with a boat accident lawyer in Clayton County.

    Establishing Negligence

    Boats are regulated similarly to cars, with laws enacted to ensure that boaters and their passengers are safe on the water. When an accident occurs, a boat operator could be held liable for any injuries they may cause under a theory of negligence.

    Due to the unique nature of boats, determining who is liable for an accident may not be as clear as it could be in an accident involving to cars. To be successful in boat accident litigation, proving that the boat’s driver was negligent may be critical. This may typically require demonstrating that a boat’s operator breached the duty of care expected of boat operators and caused the injury and damages to occur as a proximate result.

    By filing a claim, a person may recover compensation for their injuries and costs related to the accident such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. A Clayton County boat accident lawyer could help determine who was liable for the boat accident and may be able to examine the available evidence to build a strong claim.

    Statute of Limitations in Clayton County

    Since most boat accident litigations are brought before the court as a personal injury action, a lawsuit must typically be commenced within two years following an accident. O.C.G.A. §9-3-33. This time limit is referred to as a statute of limitation. Failure to bring the lawsuit within this time period could result in it being barred from court.

    There is a misconception that this law dictates that a lawsuit must be resolved within two years, which is not true. Anyone considering a claim may need to act quickly to avoid missing the deadline. An experienced Clayton County boat accident attorney could work to meet any requirements when filing a person’s injury case.

    Talking to a Clayton County Boat Accident Attorney

    If you have been involved in any type of boating accident, contact a Clayton County boat accident lawyer today to discuss your case. They could help you pursue compensation from negligent boat operators and insurance companies. Call now to get started.