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    Carrollton Talcum Powder Lawyer

    Many people, especially women, have used talcum powder for years or even decades, under the assumption it is safe to use liberally and for prolonged periods. However, talcum powder has recently been linked with many serious and even fatal side effects, including ovarian cancer.

    If you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer or other complications after using talcum powder, an experienced Carrollton talcum powder lawyer may be able to help. Let an experienced mass torts attorney attempt to achieve a positive outcome for you.

    Talcum Powder Research and Ovarian Cancer Connection

    Recent research has shown a significant connection between the use of prolonged talcum powder application to a genital area and ovarian cancer. In fact, several studies have established that the extended use of talcum powder can increase the risk of ovarian cancer by anywhere from 20 to 33 percent.

    Talcum Powder Jury Verdicts in Recent Years

    While the precise level of risk may not yet be determined, juries across the country have found the available evidence convincing enough to award talcum powder victims and their families tens—and in some case, hundreds—of millions of dollars in damages.

    While no amount of monetary damage award can restore a victim’s health or bring comfort to the family of wrongful death victims, these verdicts confirm that the makers of talcum powder should have known and subsequently warned consumers about talcum powder’s inherent risks.

    Duty to Public and Failure to Warn

    It is important to hold negligent distributors and manufacturers accountable for their failure to warn consumers of the dangers of their product. If evidence continues to show that the product manufacturer or developer knew or should have known of the dangerous side effects of using talcum powder and still failed to warn consumers, they may be found liable for the damages caused. That is why it is important for individuals who have suffered complications due to extended talcum powder use to get in touch with a skilled Carrollton talcum powder attorney.

    Personal Injury Damages in Talcum Powder Cases

    Victims of injuries or illnesses related to talcum powder may be eligible for compensation for their damages, including medical costs, chemotherapy, surgery, pain and suffering, lost wages due to missed work, and other damages both monetary and non-monetary.

    If someone has died due to ovarian cancer or another serious condition caused by using talcum powder, their families may also be eligible for wrongful death benefits from the talcum powder manufacturers.

    Both victims and their families can consult with an experienced Carrollton talcum powder injury attorney to determine how to proceed and whether they may have a viable claim for their injuries and losses.

    Consulting a Carrollton Talcum Powder Injury Attorney

    Regardless of how serious your injuries following talcum powder use are, or whether you are certain talcum powder directly caused them, a Carrollton talcum powder lawyer could help investigate any correlation or causation between the two.

    Due to the statute of limitations for personal injury claims, it may be important that you consult with a talcum powder injury attorney as soon as possible after learning of your injury, in order to preserve your right to file a claim. Contact a lawyer today to get started.