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    Carrollton Hip Replacement Lawyer

    Hip replacement surgery is incredibly common, especially in older people, and the procedure continues to become more so as the baby boomer generation ages. These operations can provide life-changing mobility, and be an incredibly rewarding decision when all goes well. Unfortunately, invasive hip replacement surgery has a high rate of serious complications.

    If you or a loved one were injured or suffered serious complications following a hip replacement surgery, you may be able to seek compensation in court for your losses and damages. However, several different parties may bear responsibility for the harm done to you, including the hip replacement manufacturer, component part maker, hospital facility, and the operating surgeon.

    Without the assistance of an experienced attorney, it may be very difficult for you to identify the correct defendant and effectively pursue a claim against them. Contact a Carrollton hip replacement lawyer today.

    Liability for Manufacturers

    Hip replacement manufacturers have a responsibility to their patients and providers to warn them of all known potential complications. If this important warning is not present, it may be considered a “failure to warn” marketing defect. In other words, the hip replacement may be considered a defective product if the advertising and marketing are inadequate or incomplete.

    Common Hip Replacement Problems

    Some of the most common hip replacement injuries stem from metal shards that come loose in a patient’s body. The replacement can create unanticipated friction and rub against the component pieces, potentially in a way that releases metal into the bloodstream.

    This can lead to blood poisoning, sepsis, swelling, joint problems and severe joint pain, and death of bone and tissue, among other things. This condition is often called metallosis. Women appear to be at a slightly higher risk level than men when it comes to absorbing metal fragments into their soft tissue.

    In addition to so-called “metal on metal” injuries, hip replacements have also been known to corrode or come apart, causing the hip replacement to fail altogether. For this reason, certain hip replacements have been recalled and damages have taken from numerous hip replacement manufacturers and distributors.

    Recoverable Damages for Defective Hip Replacement Victims

    Victims of defective hip replacement products in Carrollton, Georgia may be eligible to receive compensation for their damages. These damages may include all medical costs, revision surgeries, replacement surgeries, physical therapy, pain medication, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

    If a patient passed away after complications related to a hip replacement product, family members may be able to sue for wrongful death benefits from the negligent hip replacement product manufacturer.

    Reports show that over $1 billion in damages have been paid out to hip replacement injury victims. Needless to say, infected hip replacement products are a serious problem and pose a substantial risk to the public, especially to aging or elderly patients.

    How a Carrollton Hip Replacement Attorney Can Help

    After learning your hip replacement may not have gone as smoothly as hoped, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do next. An experienced Carrollton hip replacement lawyer could provide well-practiced counsel and advice, and in the process determine whether you may have a valid claim worth pursuing after your hip replacement falters. Call today to find out more.