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    Carrollton Back and Neck Injuries

    Back and neck injuries can be the most painful injuries suffered in a car accident or truck wreck.  They can also be the most debilitating of all injuries.  Back and neck injuries are particularly common when you are rear-ended.  The serious injuries can cause permanent pain, decreased mobility, and limitations on work and your daily life activities.

    Insurance companies, and their adjusters, frequently call back and neck injuries into question, because they are not visible.  They will basically call the injured person a liar or “pill popper.”  Don’t let the insurance company tell you there is nothing wrong with your body.  They are trying to get you to accept a low settlement amount to go away.  Contact the experience back injury attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC.

    Settling a back or neck injury claim soon after an accident can be costly to your future quality of life. Many people mistakenly presume that neck and back strains and sprains are minor injuries which adds to the incentive to accept a quick “lowball” settlement offer from an insurance company.  The extent of your back or neck injury and the cost of your medical care and therapy may significantly increase.


    “Whiplash” injuries to the neck involve a hyper-extension or hyper-flexion injury of the neck. During a car or truck accident, the result is often that the neck gets thrown forward and this causes a sprain or strain injury to the cervical and upper thoracic spine.  Basically, the human body naturally reacts to the trauma by quickly contracting the muscles in the neck region to “whip” the injured person’s head in the opposite direction.

    Back Sprains

    Other back and neck injuries such as back sprains, herniated discs, fractured vertebra, degenerative disc disease, and other can result in significant missed work time.  A sprain or strain of the back occurs when the ligaments are stretched so that they exceed their maximum range of motion and can result in a tear.  These injuries of the back often result in excruciating pain and debilitating spasms.

    Herniated Discs

    Much more serious and debilitating back injuries involve herniated disc injuries, which are common in violent automobile accidents particularly rear-end collisions. The stress of the impact on an auto accident victim’s spinal column often results in an accident or injury to a segment of the spinal structure (called a disc) that separates your back bones or vertebrae.  This type of accident injury causes the disc to shift or causes the hard outer surface of the disc to rupture.  Spinal injuries of this type are sometimes called slipped or ruptured discs.  These disc structures may intrude into the spinal channel and place pressure on the spinal nerves that may result in severe back, neck and leg pain. If you experience sharp pain in any of these parts of your body following a car accident after an automobile accident, it is important to seek immediate medical care.

    Back injuries caused by slipped discs can have severe permanent effects and result in a lifetime of pain as well as limitations on employment and daily activities.  It is essential to seek immediate medical advice if you experience any neck or back pain after an accident.  The promptness of medical treatment can have a significant impact on the seriousness of one’s injuries and impact the time required for recovery.

    Contacting An Experienced Lawyer

    We are dedicated to helping Georgia accident victims suffering from serious back and neck injuries.  If you are suffering, you deserve financial compensation from the responsible party to get your life back on track.  Our experienced back and neck injury attorneys will help make sure that the insurance company does not cheat you out of the compensation you deserve.  CONTACT the Atlanta personal injury lawyers of The Parian Law Firm, LLC today.