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    Carrollton Paralysis Lawyer

    Paralysis is the loss of a person’s ability to move any part of their body. While paralysis of the legs is common, other body parts can suffer from it. Typically, paralysis is caused by some injuries, illnesses, or poison. If you or a loved one has been paralyzed, it is important that you contact a Carrollton paralysis lawyer. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you receive compensation to help with your medical needs.

    How Soon Should a Person Contact an Attorney?

    The first thing to do after sustaining an injury that has led to paralysis is to take care of one’s medical needs. Once a person’s immediate medical needs are being cared for, they should call an attorney who specializes in personal injury. An experienced Carrollton paralysis lawyer could investigate the case, determine if another party is liable for the paralysis, and see if any damages can be recovered.

    Proving Fault

    The role of a Carrollton paralysis lawyer is to gather any and all evidence related to the negligent act that caused the catastrophic injury. An attorney could take photographs, listen to testimonies, examine medical documents, and meet with doctors, in order to determine if another party is at fault for the injury. In the State of Georgia, if there is not a negligent party that caused the injury, there is no claim to be made. This is because there will be no party to file a claim against. In such circumstances, recoveries are only possible extreme cases.

    Obtaining Long-Term Insurance

    One of the ways lawyers could help a paralyzed person obtain a long-term insurance plan by leveraging their connections with clinicians. Carrollton paralysis lawyers have relationships with some of the best clinics in America; such as the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. The Shepherd Center is a premier spinal rehabilitative hospital. Such centers not only help individuals with their immediate needs but also help them figure out how to navigate their paralysis in the long-term. This includes enrolling in insurance plans that cover long-term paralysis treatment.

    Do Insurance Companies Ever Avoid Insuring People?

    Insurance companies should not avoid insuring people with paralyzing conditions. Generally, insurance companies are to provide care to individuals with preexisting conditions. A licensed insurance broker could help an injured person understand how their paralysis that could affect their insurance coverage.

    Value of a Carrollton Paralysis Attorney

    If you have sustained an injury that caused paralysis, contact a Carrollton paralysis lawyer today. Paralysis is a severe condition, with lasting effects. From medical losses and lost wages, to pain and suffering, it is important that you work with an attorney who truly cares about seeing you receive justice. Not only do legal aids want plaintiffs to receive adequate compensation for the wrong that they suffered, but they also want them to recover both physically and mentally from the condition that they suffered.

    When you work with a catastrophic injury attorney you become part of a family. Carrolton lawyers want to be a part of your journey to recover and see the obstacles you have overcome over the years.