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    Carrollton Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

    Any injury to the brain can be traumatic. Any type of collision, whether on a football field or a minor collision in a car wreck, causes the brain to move. A person’s brain is surrounded by fluid that protects it from impacting with the skull, but there are times in which the impact of the collision is sufficient enough to cause the brain to move through that fluid and hit the skull.

    If a person’s brain makes an impact with a hard surface like the bone of their skull, that is going to cause some damage. The brain is not built to make contact with a hard surface. Therefore, any accident that causes a person’s brain to concuss or strike their skull is traumatic, though there are different levels of trauma that can occur.  A person’s brain is also the main circuit board of their body. Depending upon which area of the brain is affected from the traumatic brain injury, it can affect the function of other limbs and organs.

    If you or someone you know has sustained a severe head injury, you should see a professional catastrophic injury attorney after receiving medical attention. A Carrollton traumatic brain injury lawyer can work with you on an injury claim. A successful injury claim could result in you recovering compensation for damages. Speak with an attorney today.

    Common Causes of Injuries

    Traumatic brain injuries are often seen in your garden variety car crash between two passenger vehicles. Another common source of traumatic brain injuries are crashes between a passenger car and a commercial truck.  Quite frankly, any surprise impact leads to the core of the body tensing up in an effort to minimize injuries.

    Your body also makes the neck less tense so that your head can move around. Unfortunately, even the perfectly designed human body cannot guard against injuries in certain situations. Anytime a person receives this type of injuries, it is essential that they see a doctor. Following a doctor’s visit, the next step should be consulting with a Carrollton traumatic brain injury lawyer about filing an injury claim.


    If anyone suspects that they have a traumatic brain injury or any type of head injury, they should go immediately to the nearest emergency room. Emergency room doctors are trained to identify whether a brain injury exists. If they feel that a brain injury is present or the possibility of a brain injury exists, they will call on more specialized doctors in metropolitan areas to get the patient seen so that they can make a better determination as to the presence and extent of the injury.

    Minor traumatic brain injuries are difficult to diagnose and identify. However, there are some common symptoms. If a person feels nauseated or feels as if their mind is clouded, they need to be seen by a physician to determine whether they suffered a concussion. Another symptom is the onset of anxiety disorders and other depression-type illnesses following an accident.

    Self-diagnosis is nearly impossible, so people need to see a doctor. Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries will result in loss of motor function due to the brain being unable to send the appropriate signals to the muscles. These are some of the different symptoms that can be observed to determine whether there is a possible issue with a person’s brain. Speak with a Carrollton traumatic brain injury lawyer today.

    Benefits of Hiring a Carrollton Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

    At Parian Injury Law, every case that comes through the door is prepared as if it is going to trial. From the moment lawyers begin working with clients, they start developing an action plan to make sure that the victim is taken care of from a healthcare standpoint, to make sure that all evidence is preserved from the very moment they are retained by the client, and to develop a theory of what exactly happened in a person’s case.

    The role of a Carrollton traumatic brain injury lawyer is to find out whether the family and/or victim is comfortable with the treatment that they are receiving. Attorneys do not want anyone to receive any type of medical care that they are not completely comfortable with. If there is a situation in which the victim or family is not comfortable with the physician that is providing them care, lawyers will do their best to help that family and victim get the best care possible.

    Traumatic brain injury cases typically involve multiple site visits with the injured party so that lawyers can understand how exactly this brain injury has affected that person’s life. A Carrollton traumatic brain injury lawyer sometimes spends weeks with victims and their families, even sleeping in guest bedrooms so that they can get a better feel for how exactly these injuries have affected the injured person and their families. If you believe you could benefit from these services, get in contact with an attorney today.