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    Anniston Dog Bite Lawyer

    Dogs are often lauded as a man’s best friend. However, this saying does not mean they are perfect, and dog attacks and bites could leave someone injured and traumatized.

    Victims of dog attacks may be embarrassed or dealing with a life-altering trauma that they would rather forget. Unfortunately, many dog attacks go unreported or are mistreated, which could cause more problems down the line. However, if you are injured by a dog bite, you may be eligible to receive medical and legal remedies.

    An experienced Anniston dog bite lawyer could be fully equipped and prepared to deal with dog bite cases and represent your rights. If you or a loved one have recently suffered injury from a dog attack, contact a team of personal injury attorneys today so that they may represent you.

    Laws Regarding Dog Bites in Anniston

    According to Alabama’s statute on dog bites, a dog owner’s liability for a dog attack must be proven by the victim filing suit against them. In other words, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the animal was:

    • Vicious and/or dangerous
    • In the possession of a negligent owner who did not properly control them with a leash, fence, or chain
    • Not provoked by the plaintiff

    Any other dangerous or potentially injurious behavior demonstrated by the dog may also be taken into account.

    Furthermore, in order to be held liable for negligence, a dog owner must understand their dog lacked reasonable care or is a threat to the public and still fail to act in a reasonable way that would prevent their dog from harming someone else.

    Potential Effects of a Dog Bite

    It is important to understand what can happen if a dog bite is left ignored or untreated, and accordingly how important it may be. Some common possible injuries include:

    • Skin, muscle, and bone punctures
    • Infections
    • Broken bones
    • Rabies
    • Amputation (in extreme cases)
    • Mental and emotional trauma

    If someone has experienced any of these symptoms after suffering a dog bite, they should seek medical attention and call an Anniston dog bite attorney today.

    Who Is Most at Risk?

    Recent studies have shown that small children are most likely to get bitten by dogs and men generally experience more dog bites in their lifetimes than women. In the same vein, a dog that serves as a house pet is actually more likely to bite its owners than a stray dog would be.

    Consult an Anniston Dog Bite Attorney

    According to Statista, over 80 million dogs live as pets all across the United States. Over 4.5 million dog bites happen each year, but only around 800,000 victims seek actual medical attention after these attacks. Do not let only the most severe cases be reported—you may be entitled to compensation, regardless of the severity of the attack you experience.

    If you reside in the Anniston area and were the victim of any sort of dog bite, an Anniston dog bite lawyer may be able to help. Pick up the phone and give us a call for a comprehensive consultation.