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    Anniston Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

    The consequences of a catastrophic injury can be long-lasting and keep you from being able to gain employment. Furthermore, illnesses and conditions stemming from these injuries can create permanent disability. Common catastrophic injuries may involve damage to the head, brain, spinal cord, neck, or limbs, including severe burns and accidental amputation.

    According to reports by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 2.8 million hospital stays or emergency room visits occur each year due to catastrophic injuries. Cases involving catastrophic injuries aim to get compensation for injured persons suffering from these lifelong disabilities.

    If you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, you should consult with an Anniston catastrophic injury lawyer who could work diligently to represent your best interests. With a seasoned personal injury attorney by your side, you could significantly improve your chances of achieving a positive outcome in your case.

    Pursuing Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries and Losses

    When a catastrophic injury is caused by the negligence or intentional reckless behavior of another person or by a harmful or flawed product, a catastrophic injury lawyer in Anniston could help a client file a claim against the defendant, which is the first step toward getting compensation for their injury.

    Often in catastrophic injury cases, though, defendants hire their own attorneys to try to reduce the amount of money they may owe to an injured individual. A dedicated attorney could work to counter these efforts by undergoing a comprehensive investigation of the case, finding all potential sources of financial compensation for a client, creating a strategy that could recover the highest amount of compensation, and preparing the case for a court trial or settlement.

    Recoverable Damages

    Potential compensation for a catastrophic injury depends on the type of injury and the circumstances of the accident that caused the injury. Typically, a successful plaintiff can seek compensation for current and future lost wages, medical treatment and expenses, mental and emotional anguish, pain and suffering, and permanent disability.

    Deciding Whether to Accept a Settlement or Going to Trial

    Sometimes a catastrophic injury claim is settled too quickly, and the injured party accepts an inadequate settlement that does not meet their growing financial challenges and needs. An Anniston catastrophic injury lawyer could examine the advantages and disadvantages of a settlement versus going to trial and help their client make the best choice for their situation. They should know what to look for and have the best interests of the client in mind, unlike most insurance companies who want to settle for a compensation amount below what the client really needs.

    Consulting with an Anniston Catastrophic Injury Attorney

    A catastrophic injury could happen without warning and leaves you with a great deal of stress and uncertainty about the future. Any permanent disability could make you worry about how you will provide for yourself and family. However, many of these concerns could be practically addressed with a compassionate Anniston catastrophic injury lawyer by your side.

    If you suffer from a catastrophic injury, a steadfast attorney could help you pursue the financial assistance you need for medical bills, rehabilitation, and more. Call today to schedule a consultation and start seeking peace of mind regarding your future.