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    Anniston Defective Products Lawyer

    Consumers rely on product manufacturers and distributors to supply them with reliable and safe products. When products malfunction and cause injuries, individuals can hold these manufacturers and distributors accountable for their actions or inactions.

    Defective products can break, shatter, electrocute, and malfunction in other ways that lead to serious injuries. Those injuries may include cuts, bruises, broken bones, head injuries (TBI’s), and burns.

    If you sustained a serious injury as a result of a defective product, you may have a right to monetary compensation. An Anniston defective products lawyer can examine your potential bases of recovery and determine whether you have a viable claim or lawsuit against a product manufacturer or distributor. Call a dedicated personal injury attorney today to schedule a consultation.

    Product Manufacturers and Distributors

    Product manufacturers are the companies or entities that make certain goods and products. Distributors sell these products to consumers and include department stores and other retailers who are in the business of selling merchandise.

    Product manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their products are safe when they leave their hands. This means that the product must be reasonably safe to operate and does not contain any serious defects. Product distributors, including stores, also have a duty to ensure the product is safe when it comes to them and when it leaves their hands and goes to the consumer.

    Examples of Defective Products in Anniston

    Defective products are more common than many people think and can range from refrigerators to motor vehicle parts. Some common examples include:

    • Household appliances
    • Motor vehicle parts
    • Infant cribs and car seats
    • Construction equipment
    • Household furniture
    • Portable heaters and air conditioning units
    • Electric blankets

    When Product Manufacturers and Distributors Are Negligent

    When product manufacturers are careless about the condition of their products – or fail to ensure their products are safe – serious accidents and injuries can result. If an injured consumer can prove that a product manufacturer or distributor failed to make or sell a reasonably safe product, they may be negligent. The injured consumer must also be able to prove that the injuries and damages sustained would not have occurred but for the defective product. A well-trained defective products lawyer could help with establishing fault.

    The law of strict liability can impose sanctions on a product manufacturer or distributor without regard to fault. For example, if a product was not manufactured or designed properly – or lacked adequate warnings – the manufacturer or distributor may be responsible if they placed the defective product on the market.

    Consulting an Anniston Defective Products Attorney

    Defective products that cause injury are a serious concern. If a product explodes or catches on fire, it can even kill the consumer. When that happens, the decedent’s surviving family members may be able to open an estate and pursue monetary compensation that way.

    Even if a defective product only causes injuries, the injured consumer may still be eligible to recover the costs associated with their medical treatment, physical therapy, and lost wages. Moreover, they may be able to pursue compensation for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. An Anniston defective products lawyer can review your circumstances with you and assess the value of your case.