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    Riverdale Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

    Failure to yield accidents can happen on when someone is entering or exiting the highway, navigating in parking lots, and driving where two streets merge into one. If you become injured in this kind of collision, establishing fault can be challenging without a skilled car accident attorney.

    A diligent Riverdale failure to yield accident lawyer could assist in pursuing compensation for your injuries by showing a jury that the crash may have been avoidable if not for the other driver’s negligence.

    Understanding Right of Way

    Drivers must understand and comply with the rules regarding the right of way to avoid getting into dangerous collisions. While there is no single law that sets out the right of way in any given situation, the Official Code of Georgia §40-6-73 establishes a loose framework that states that a driver entering the roadway must yield to approaching vehicles on the road before entering traffic.

    While some right of way rules may be intuitive, it is common for distracted drivers to cause a collision by failing to yield to oncoming traffic. When a driver’s negligence causes a collision, a seasoned failure to yield accident lawyer in Riverdale could assist an injured claimant pursue compensation for damages from the responsible party.

    Negligence in a Failure to Yield Collision Case

    Proving that a driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic may not be enough to require compensation. An accident victim in a T-bone case must also show that the defendant’s negligence was the cause of the accident. A knowledgeable attorney with experience handling failure to yield accident cases may assist someone in establishing negligence by helping an accident victim collect the necessary evidence.

    Duty of Care

    The injured plaintiff’s Riverdale failure to yield accident attorney must prove that the defendant owed them a duty of care to receive compensation at trial. All drivers owe others on the road a duty to operate their motor vehicles safely by abiding all traffic regulations, including giving the right of way when necessary.


    The plaintiff’s attorney also must show that the defendant violated their duty by failing to yield on a roadway or in a parking lot. If they can establish the defendant violated traffic laws, the jury may consider this evidence of a breach of the defendant’s duty.

    Causation and Damages

    To obtain compensation, the plaintiff’s failure to yield collision attorney must prove that they suffered damages. These damages could include medical bills, time away from work, or pain and suffering. The damages that the plaintiff experienced must have been a direct result of their accident.

    Contact a Riverdale Failure to Yield Accident Attorney

    If you or a loved one were injured due to a negligent motorist, contact an experienced Riverdale failure to yield accident lawyer right away to discuss your legal options. They can review your case and help you through any legal obstacles while you focus on your recovery. To begin the process of recovering damages for your injuries, schedule an initial case consultation with an attorney today.