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    Douglasville Long-Term Disability Claims Denial

    Unfortunately, Douglasville long-term disability claims denial are common. Reasons for denial are varied but many are avoidable with careful planning and attention to detail. Although a claim may be denied at the onset, this does not mean that a claimant will never receive benefits.

    There are steps that people can take to improve their chances of avoiding this appeal process. Distinguished long-term disability attorneys can help those who can no longer work to effectively apply claims for LTD benefits.

    Filing a Claim

    The purpose of LTD plans is to provide supplemental income to people who are unable to work due to an ongoing injury or illness. The exact circumstances behind the disability are irrelevant; the only thing that matters is if the condition negatively impacts a person’s ability to work. All companies have their own definitions of “disabled” but in general, a person must be unable to effectively work at their old job on a full-time basis.

    The natural first step is for a person in Douglasville to be enrolled in an LTD program. Not all employers offer these plans, and a worker needs to actively pay the premiums in order to qualify. After the condition becomes apparent, there is a waiting period for long-term disability. This varies by plan but may be as short as 90 days or as long as 180. People should consult their particular policy for details. Once the application is submitted, an initial decision is rendered fairly quickly. However, there are two main categories of errors contribute to a Douglasville long-term disability claims denial.

    Reasons for Douglasville Long-Term Disability Claims Denials

    Many applications are denied because the claimant did not include enough medical evidence. Many people believe and are mistaken, that simply being diagnosed with a condition is enough. Successful applicants have months’ worth of medical evidence to support their claims. These need to include, medical records, medication lists, x-rays, MRIs, therapy notes, and doctor’s notes.

    Why is it Important to Have Medical Records?

    It is critical that all applications include not just a summary of doctors’ findings but the actual medical records themselves. A lack of this information is a leading cause of Douglasville long-term disability claims denials.

    Other reasons include:

    • The condition was a preexisting the applicant’s entry into the program,
    • The application itself contained inaccurate or incomplete information, and
    • The applicant was found to be providing false information.

    Any of these reasons, no matter how minor, will cause a claim to be denied. This is no small matter since the appeals process is long and carries little chance of quick success.

    What Happens After a Denial?

    Federal law requires that all LTD insurance companies have an internal appeal process to handle Douglasville long-term disability claims denials. This only benefits the insurance company. An insurance company is unlikely to rule that they made a mistake in their earlier findings, meaning that the appeal will likely be rejected. This delays the filing of a lawsuit in US District Court. This lawsuit is often a Douglasville applicant’s best chance of success after an initial filing, but may be delayed by up to a year after an initial denial by the internal appeals process.

    Benefit of a Douglasville Long-Term Disability Claims Lawyer

    One of the best tactics to move a case forward quickly is a strong initial application. By providing the insurance company with incontrovertible medical evidence, presented in a clear and concise manner, companies are more apt to approve and initial application.

    Attorneys can help gather all of the medical evidence and work to ensure that the application is completed accurately and to lessen the chances of a long-term disability claim denial. Contact today to see how a skilled attorney can start you down the path to claim the benefits that you deserve.