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    Applying for Long-Term Disability in Douglasville

    There are many medical conditions and injuries that can result in a person no longer being able to work. This lack of income is a major stressor in people’s lives. However, some people work for companies and organizations that offer long-erm disability (LTD) insurance plans.

    These plans are in place to provide supplemental income in the event that an employee is no longer able to work. Unfortunately, insurance companies can make it difficult to obtain these benefits that workers have paid for and clearly deserve.

    A compassionate long-term disability lawyer can help people applying for long-term disability in Douglasville to increase their chances for a successful application.

    Who is Eligible?

    The first step to obtaining LTD benefits is an obvious one; a person needs to pay into the program when it is offered by the employer. In addition, a person cannot be suffering from the disabling condition at the time of enrollment. Preexisting conditions are one of the most common reasons that claims are denied.

    Only when the worker has been unable to work for a specified period of time, are they able to file a claim. This period of time varies from policy to policy, but generally is anywhere from 90 to 180 days. Check your specific policy for the exact limits.

    In order to make a successful claim, a person needs to meet the policy’s definition of disabled. Every policy defines this differently, but in general, a disabled person is unable to work a full-time job. This can be the result of a one-time even causing an injury, a chronic illness, or even a build-up of trauma over time.

    To prove this claim, a person needs not just a doctor’s diagnosis, but evidence of sustained treatment that has not resulted in any significant improvement in the condition.

    Proving the Case

    Insurance companies pad their bottom lines by denying claims for any reason that is even remotely valid. To counteract this, workers must make sure that they provide proper and accurate documentation and proof when applying for long-term disability in Douglasville. This is most true when considering the medical evidence portion.

    No two people’s bodies respond to a medical condition in exactly the same way. One person who suffers from chronic depression might respond positively to medication management while another’s requires years of adjustments.

    In order to argue a powerful case, applicants should include medical records of not just a diagnosis, but also treatment logs, medical scan results, medication records, and doctors’ notes detailing the treatment received. Only when insurance companies are faced with incontrovertible evidence of the condition’s effect on a person’s ability to work will they approve a claim.

    Clarity of Applications

    People should also ensure that their applications are clear and accurate. Ensuring that the application correctly states the date of disability, contains correct doctor addresses and outlines the effects of the disability on the person’s ability to work, will greatly aid in the quest for benefits.

    This information combines to let people know how important a thorough and accurate application is. All applications for LTD benefits that are denied are required to endure a lengthy and complex appeals process that greatly delays the payment of benefits.

    A qualified Douglasville LTD lawyer can help people applying for long-term disability in Douglasville, to give them a better opportunity to receive the benefits that they deserve.

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    People who are considering applying for long-term disability in Douglasville should contact a skilled LTD lawyer. An attorney can keep you aware of upcoming deadlines and help you fill out the application. Work with a legal advocate that can help you navigate the LTD application process.