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    Dallas Paralysis Injury Lawyer

    The physical and psychological toll that paralysis has can be significant. Additionally, you may be left with significant medical bills and no longer able to support yourself financially. While a full physical recovery should be your primary goal after an accident, you may take other proactive steps to help alleviate some of the difficulties that come along an injury of this nature.

    If you or a loved one become paralyzed from an accident, you do not have to go through the recovery process alone. By consulting with a Dallas paralysis injury lawyer, you may discover that you are eligible to pursue legal claims in a court of law or settlement negotiations. With a dedicated attorney by your side, you may be better suited to advocate for financial compensation and achieve a more favorable outcome on your behalf.

    Potential Causes of Paralysis

    When any part of the fragile nervous system is damaged, whether it be the spinal cord, nerves, brain, or any area controlling those functions, an individual may experience partial or full immobilization. Some of the most common causes of paralysis may include:

    Car accidents, exposure to dangerous substances in the workplace, and medical malpractice are just a few of the ways an individual could sustain a paralysis injury. It is important to identify the cause of a paralysis injury in a case because this determines how a lawyer in Dallas may build a lawsuit.

    Severity of Immobility

    In addition to the cause, the severity of someone’s paralysis may impact a claim. There are different types and degrees of immobility a person may experience, depending on the extent of their injuries. For instance, an individual may become temporarily or permanently paralyzed. Additionally, someone may only experience paralysis in one portion of their body or they may lose the ability to control movement from the neck down.

    Recoverable Damages

    A paralyzed plaintiff’s economic losses likely extend further than just their immediate out-of-pocket medical expenses. Depending on the severity of their condition, they may no longer be able to work or they may have to hire at-home care. As a result, a claimant may be able to pursue compensation for any future medical care and lost wages in addition to their immediate treatment costs.

    Recovering for emotional losses also may be an option for an injured party. These damages may include pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other psychological harm. A Dallas paralysis injury attorney could assess an individual’s losses and identify what their case may be worth.

    Consult with a Dallas Paralysis Injury Attorney

    Becoming paralyzed following a serious accident can lead to many challenges in the future. Fortunately, a Dallas paralysis injury lawyer could assist you in seeking monetary compensation that could help you overcome these new obstacles. Additionally, an attorney could guide you through this process and work to protect your legal rights. To discuss what may be possible for your case, schedule a consultation today.