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    Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer

    Few injuries can be as traumatizing and outwardly visible, as a burn. While first-degree burns can generally heal on their own, second and third-degree burns often require surgical procedures just as skin grafting. These procedures can not only limit an individual physically, but they can leave lifelong scars.

    If you or a loved one have endured such an injury, you may need to consult with a Dallas burn injury lawyer. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may have legal rights that could entitle you to pursue damages. Whether in court or settlement negotiations, an experienced attorney could act as an advocate on your behalf, clearly present your case, and pursue a fair outcome.

    Types of Burn Injuries

    Burns can happen in many different ways, the most typical of which is due to fire or exposure to hot liquids such as boiling water or coffee. Additionally, product malfunctions, explosions, or exposure at plants or on construction sites can lead to chemical burns. The three main categories of burn injuries include:

    • First-degree: these injuries are the least severe and typically only result in redness and minor inflammation
    • Second-degree: this type of injury damages the top layer of skin and may penetrate to deeper layers, causing extremely red skin and blisters.
    • Third-degree: these are the most severe and dangerous type of burn. These injuries may penetrate to the bones and organs, require skin graft surgeries, and may cause lifelong scarring.

    When to File a Lawsuit

    The statute of limitations gives a potential plaintiff a limited time to file a lawsuit for their injuries. Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated ยง9-3-33, an individual who suffered injuries in a burn incident must bring their suit within two years from the date of their accident.

    If a plaintiff were to bring their case after this statutory period, the court may dismiss their claim, and they could lose their opportunity to recover compensation. As such, the sooner a claimant brings their burn injury case to a Dallas attorney, the sooner they can begin discussing and meet this deadline.

    Recoverable Damages in Burn Injury Case

    In general, there are two primary forms of financial compensation that a lawyer may pursue on a plaintiff’s behalf. One category of damages include all of the economic costs a plaintiff incurs as a result of their injury, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and future lost earnings. The total dollar amount of all of these losses gives the value of economic damages in a case.

    Emotional losses, the other form of compensation, can be more difficult to precisely calculate because they incorporate intangible injuries such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, humiliation from disfigurement, and more. Because burn injuries can be particularly impactful on an individual’s outward appearance, an injured claimant may be able to pursue compensation for these emotional damages.

    Consult with a Dallas Burn Injury Attorney

    A severe burn can cause painful bodily harm, complicated surgeries, and lifelong disfiguring scars. If you have sustained a severe burn, you should consult with a Dallas burn injury lawyer. Depending on your case, an attorney may be able to pursue a claim on your behalf in the courts or through settlement negotiations. Reach out today and learn how we could help you.