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    Carrollton Nursing Home Neglect Claims

    You choose a nursing home for your loved one because you want him or her to receive the best care possible. However, for some patients, the nursing home does not deliver the level of care it promised. In fact, your loved one may even suffer neglect at the hands of the nursing home. In such cases, you may be able to file a nursing home neglect lawsuit with the assistance of a Carrollton nursing home abuse lawyer.

    Elements of Nursing Home Neglect

    A nursing home has a responsibility to provide a certain level of care to its patients. Nursing home neglect occurs when the nursing home or its staff members fail to provide this level of care, leading to problems for the patient. Some of the most common forms of nursing home neglect include:

    • Neglect of a patient’s basic needs – The nursing home has neglected a patient’s basic needs if the home fails to provide the patient with a safe, clean environment, as well as adequate food and water.
    • Neglect of a patient’s personal hygiene – The nursing home has neglected a patient’s personal hygiene if it fails to provide the patient with the assistance he or she needs to complete basic hygiene-related tasks, such as brushing teeth, doing laundry, bathing and cleaning his or her living environment.
    • Neglect of a patient’s medical needs – The nursing home has neglected a patient’s medical needs if the nursing home has not provided the patient with adequate medical attention and treatment for existing concerns, or if the nursing home fails to take the appropriate preventative action to guard against new medical problems.
    • Neglect of a patient’s social or emotional needs – The nursing home is guilty of social or emotional neglect if the patient is ignored or dismissed repeatedly by staff. This type of neglect can also occur when stressed staff members are unkind to patients.

    Signs of Neglect

    Since you can’t be with your loved one in the nursing home at all times, you may not be present when neglectful behavior occurs. In addition, depending on your loved one’s condition, he or she may have difficulty letting you know that neglect is an issue. However, you can still look for the signs of nursing home neglect each time you visit. Some of the signs of neglect include:

    • Behavioral changes.– Behavioral changes not related to a patient’s medical condition are a common sign of social and/or emotional neglect. If your loved one seems depressed or withdrawn, he or she may be a victim of neglect. Likewise, if your loved one has become irritable or behaves aggressively without a known cause, neglect should be suspected.
    • Physical changes.– One of the most notable signs of neglect is changes to your loved one’s physical appearance. Is he or she losing weight or looking generally unhealthy? If so, he or she may not be receiving adequate care.
    • Unexplained medical problems or injuries. – When a patient is the victim of medical neglect, you may notice broken bones, unexplained bruises, lacerations, bed sores and other evidence of inadequate medical care.
    • Poor personal hygiene. – Does your loved one appear dirty and unkempt? If so, the nursing home may be neglecting patient hygiene.
    • Obvious environmental concerns. – When you visit your loved one, observe the environment carefully. If you notice overly dirty spaces, unsafe furniture, slippery floors and/or poor quality lighting, you should be suspicious.

    Steps to Take if You Suspect Abuse

    The best way to protect your loved one from the effects of nursing home neglect is to prevent neglect from occurring in the first place. Before you select a nursing home for your loved one, take a tour and inspect the property carefully. You should also learn as much about the nursing home’s reputation as possible before you commit. Once your loved one is a nursing home patient, visit as often as you can. During each visit, look for the signs of nursing home neglect so that you can take action quickly if there is a problem.

    If you believe that nursing home neglect has already caused your loved one significant harm, you may be able to take action against the facility with the help of an attorney.

    Neglect vs. Abuse

    Nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse are similar concepts, but they are not exactly the same. While nursing home abuse occurs when the nursing home or its staff intentionally harm a patient, nursing home neglect occurs when sub-standard care results in harm to a patient. Both of these incidents can be grounds for legal action.

    Importance of Seeking Legal Counsel

    If you believe that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect, you may be able to take legal action against the nursing home. Please contact the Parian Law Firm to learn about your options under the law.