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    Carrollton Truck Driver DUI Lawyer

    While a DUI could cause significant issues for any individual, the charge may have a heightened impact on truck drivers. Since DUIs may be followed by potential consequences on a person’s personal and professional life, truckers facing an allegation are recommended to consult a Carrollton truck driver DUI lawyer. An experienced attorney could champion your case to protect your career and reputation.

    Prevalence of Alcohol and Drugs in Truck Crash Cases

    Truck accidents caused by intoxicated drivers are more common in Carrollton than one may assume. Pharmaceutical drugs that are both prescribed and not prescribed also contribute to many serious crashes.

    Logging truck drivers in Carrollton tend to have the highest rate of intoxication in causing accidents, notably in North Georgia and North Alabama. While there are a number of reasons that that such an accident may occur, it is common to have intoxicated truck drivers. Truck drivers accused of drunk driving could speak to a Carrolton attorney for help.

    Recurring Trends in DUI 18-Wheeler Accidents

    Common trends are attributed to intoxication in truck crashes are related to the opioid epidemic that is currently gripping America. This epidemic is taking hold in all of Georgia and Alabama. Opiate addictions do not discriminate when it comes to who gets addicted. Drugs, when combined with alcohol, have seen an uptake in trucking accidents and crashes caused by intoxicated drivers. Individuals have used prescription medicines, heroin, other opiates, and some illegal stimulants when driving.

    Why are Drugs and Alcohol Associated With Truck Accidents?

    Truck stops are known across the nation to be filled with prostitution, drug sales, and other illicit activities. It is easy for truck drivers to access illegal drugs in such locations.

    Methamphetamines, which are commonly referred to as meth or crystal meth, are an upper type of drug that gives people energy. Since the need to stay alert is a necessary part of a truck driver’s job. individuals may rely on cocaine, crystal meth, and other stimulants to keep them awake for a longer period of time. Truck stops have a plethora of food and drinks, which could include beer and other forms of alcohol which are easily accessible across the nation.

    Impact of a DUI on a Driver’s Future Employment

    A DUI could be detrimental to a truck driver’s future employment. The main job of any truck driver is to transport goods from point A to point B. Any blemish on a person’s driving record could jeopardize their ability to make a living in this field. Driving under the influence for truck drivers could to the end of a trucker’s career. A Carrollton attorney could help a person accused of a DUI understand how the charge may affect their career as a truck driver.

    Effects of a DUI on a Person’s Commercial Driving License Status

    DUIs impact a driver’s CDL status I Carrollton in a varying manner based on where their commercial driver’s license was issued. All states have different point systems or penalties associated with driving under the influence. It could be possible that there are states that immediately revoke a commercial driving license when that driver is arrested for a DUI.

    Impact of a Drunk Driving Charge on a Person’s Standard Driver’s License

    When a driver is arrested for a DUI in the State of Georgia, there is an automatic administrative suspension placed on their individual standard license. There may be certain administrative options that could be filed so that the individual could resume driving under the standard license until conviction. A seasoned Carrollton DUI truck accident attorney may have the experience to fight for a person’s right to drive following a DUI charge. Call a lawyer today to learn your options.