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    Carrollton Car Accident Settlement Process

    Once a car accident victim is through seeking treatment from medical providers and the medical bills are all in, their skilled accident attorney can send a demand package to the insurance adjuster regarding their accident settlement. The demand package consists of a monetary demand for the individual’s injuries as well as all of their medical records and medical bills. In the State of Georgia, insurance companies generally have 30 days to respond to that demand package. If an individual wants to know more about the Carrollton car accident settlement process, they should consult with a qualified attorney that can help.

    Negotiating With the Insurance Company

    During the Carrollton car accident settlement process, the first offer from the insurance company is usually low. When that first offer is received, the attorney will inform the individual of the insurance company’s offer and what they believe the next counter-offer to the insurance company should be. The attorney will then send that counter-offer to the insurance company, kind of like a tennis match, back and forth, until a settlement is reached or they get to a point where no settlement can be made.

    If there is a settlement number that is approved by the accident victim, the attorney will send a notification to the insurance company that they accept that settlement amount. In general, the insurance company will ask for a release to be signed by the injured party, stating that in exchange for a certain amount of money, they will release the defendant (the person that caused the wreck) and the insurance company from and all liability associated with that wreck.

    Determining Settlement Amount

    When it comes to determining the settlement amount during the Carrollton car accident settlement process, the injured party is always in charge, Attorneys do not settle any case without the plaintiff authorizing the settlement. Juries do not have any involvement in the way that a settlement is calculated. Negligence on the part of the injured person does affect the settlement amount. Insurance adjusters, as well as actuaries (those who are trained in the measurement and management of uncertainties) take into account everything involved in the accident and put an estimated value on the case. One of the things the insurance company takes into account is the actual negligence of their insured.

    Signing a Release

    One has to be careful signing a release, because if they believe that they are going to need more medical care in the future, they should not settle that claim. If they believe that they are as good as they are going to get and that the amount of settlement is over and above their medical needs going forward, then they should sign that release.

    Once that release is provided to the insurance company, the attorney receives a settlement check from the insurance company within 10 days. The settlement check will be deposited, in its entirety, into the attorney’s trust account.

    A detailed Settlement Statement showing the expenses associated with the claim, as well as the attorney’s fees, is prepared. Once the settlement check has cleared the bank, an individual can come in to receive their settlement check. At this final meeting, the attorney will go over the Settlement Statement with him before presenting the settlement check. This discussion can also be carried out over the phone and the settlement check sent in the mail, but most attorneys prefer to do this in person.

    How an Attorney Can Help

    An experienced car accident attorney only represents personal injury accident victims. They are familiar with most of the insurance companies that offer insurance coverage in the State of Georgia. These attorneys have seen many of the injuries that can be caused from car wrecks and have a database which enables them to see what similar injuries and accidents have settled for, or received jury verdicts for, in recent years. All of this information is utilized during the Carrollton car accident settlement process, in their negotiations with insurance companies for what they believe is fair and complete compensation for the injuries of the plaintiff.