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    Carrollton Car Accident Settlement Negotiation

    One of the things to consider when entering Carrollton car accident negotiations is that once a settlement is agreed upon, they cannot go back and redo any of it. That is your one opportunity to recover for the injuries you have sustained in that accident. It is important to be aware of the permanence of your settlement, and to discuss the settlement and ensuing negotiations with your family. If you want to know more, consult a skilled car accident attorney that can advocate for you, and help you get the accident settlement you deserve.

    What to Take Into Account Before Settling

    Before heading into Carrollton car accident negotiations, a person should consider their possible need for future medical care. While most of any settlement amount is comprised of pain and suffering, injured persons need to think about their possible need for future medical care for the injuries caused by the accident. If they have health insurance, that will cover a large portion of the costs, but if they do not have health insurance, they need to think about possible future medical care and its cost.

    Receiving the Settlement in a Timely Manner

    When the release documents are received from the insurance company, the attorney will send them to the injured party right away for signature. It is important that the person executes them quickly and returns them in the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided by their attorney. Once the signed release is returned, the attorney will immediately transmit it to the insurance company and request they issue the settlement check. Thereafter, the attorney will keep the individual updated as to the status of the settlement check and its arrival. Once a settlement has been agreed upon, it just depends on the insurance company. Settlement checks can be wired the same day by the insurance company or it could take 30 to 45 days to receive the settlement check.

    Issues a Person Might Encounter When Negotiating a Settlement

    The main issue in Carrollton car accident negotiations would be the insurance company not wanting to pay the person fair value for the injuries that they have sustained. Some issues arise when there are multiple insurance policies for the defendant, issued by different insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance companies will fight each other over who is going to pay the claims. When that occurs, the injured party is usually at the whim of those insurance companies. An experienced personal injury attorney, who has seen this occur many times, encourages the insurance companies to play nice, but it is in a person’s best interest to let that play out so that they can get the full amount they are entitled to.

    How a Carrollton Car Accident Attorney Can Help

    From the beginning of Carrollton car accident negotiations, your attorney can be in contact with the insurance companies throughout the settlement process to make sure that the releases are received, that they are sent to you for signature, and that they are returned to the insurance company in a timely manner. A personal injury attorney and their staff will also follow up with the insurance company frequently to make sure that the settlement check is drafted and sent so that you can receive the money that you deserve.