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    Treatment Gap Mistakes After a Carrollton Car Accident

    If you are looking to receive injury compensation after a serious collision, it is important to know how to avoid treatment gap mistakes after a Carrollton car accident. A significant gap between when an accident occurs and when someone seeks medical treatment could potentially be used as a defense against a plaintiff to claim that they were not truly injured at the scene. Read on to learn more about potential treatment gap mistakes after a Carrollton car accident, as well as the ways a skilled injury attorney could help prevent these types of medical mistakes.

    Following the Doctor’s Orders

    The most important factor in a personal injury claim is when someone received treatment with medical professionals for their injuries. In order to have a valid claim, someone must be able to prove that they have suffered an injury. Medical professionals are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat injuries. They can document injuries and pain on paper in a report that can be used as crucial evidence when proving that someone received serious damages at the scene of an accident. Those trained medical professionals go a long way in being able to prove the extent of one’s injuries. It is a big mistake to not follow up with a doctor or to comply with their orders. If someone’s injury worsens after an accident, this could potentially be attributed to the individual’s refusal to take care of themselves in the way the doctor recommended.

    Examples of Treatment Gap Mistakes after a Carrollton Car Accident

    Gaps in treatment can be death nails to personal injury claims. A significant gap in treatment opens up the possibility that someone could have injured themselves in a different accident other than the one in which they are making a claim for. Unfortunately, insurance professionals are trained to find these gaps in individuals’ medical records. In order to help ensure one’s eligibility for injury compensation, it is highly recommended that individuals follow up with their doctor, prioritize scheduling appointments, and refrain from miss appointments with medical professionals. This can help to preserve key evidence that is significant in proving exactly when and how badly someone was injured.

    Why are These Mistakes Made?

    Accessibility is usually the main issue when it comes to treatment gap mistakes after a Carrollton car accident. Many individuals are concerned with getting back to work after an accident so that they can provide for their family. Most medical facilities are not open on the weekends or after working hours, so accessibility to medical care is usually the biggest crutch in getting someone to stick with medical treatment plans. However, it is important that they continue the medical treatment that their doctor suggests.

    If someone needs assistance monetarily to get to and from a medical provider or if their medical provider is inconvenient to where they work or live, they can let their attorney know and they can work with them to help them find another medical provider that may be more convenient with different hours. If you have more questions regarding treatment gap mistakes after a Carrollton car accident, do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled collision attorney today for help.