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    Medical Treatment Mistakes After a Carrollton Car Accident

    If you have questions regarding medical treatment mistakes after a Carrollton car accident, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional injury attorney knowledgeable about these common mistakes as soon as possible to help ensure that you receive the care you need. Read on to learn more about how to avoid medical treatment mistakes after a Carrollton car accident, as well as the ways a skilled lawyer could make a difference for you.

    Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

    An attorney may not take any accident case where the injured individual has not been seen by a medical provider within 72 hours of their accident. While there may be reasons for refusing medical treatment at the scene of an accident, if there is any possibility that someone may have suffered injuries from their collision, they should ask for an ambulance and take the ambulance to the hospital to be checked out. Refusing immediate medical treatment could make a medical provider believe that the driver was not injured in the accident.

    Gaps in Treatment

    When there is a gap between traveling from the scene of the accident as opposed to waiting a couple of days, many defense lawyers and other insurance professionals will ask hard questions about why someone waited to go to the doctor. The reports gained from seeing a doctor can serve as important evidence when proving to the insurance provider that the driver was in fact injured at the scene of the accident. A dedicated injury attorney will recommend that it is always best to go straight to the ER from the scene regardless of whether someone has health insurance.

    Why Would Someone Refuse Treatment?

    At the scene of an accident, an individual’s adrenaline is pumping. They can easily go into a fight or flight response that could mask the pain of an internal injury. Soft-tissue injuries such as bulging discs and rotator cuff tears cannot be seen without an X-ray. Normally, some hours after the accident, muscles will begin to tighten up that were not tight at the scene. Movements that the driver was able to make at the scene of the accident may not be easily made anymore.

    This is common, which is why injured individuals should go ahead and get checked out after the accident is over and they have left the scene. If they have not taken an ambulance, they should go to the hospital to make sure that there are no injuries that can be seen with X-rays, CAT-scans, or MRIs that are invisible to the naked eye. Even a minor accident could result in pain felt after the fact that could be ameliorated with medical assistance.

    The Role of a Skilled Collision Attorney

    If you have recently been involved in a serious collision, become acquainted with the potential medical treatment mistakes after a Carrollton car accident by reaching out to a professional lawyer. An injury attorney can teach you about how to avoid these mistakes so that instead of worrying about fighting for your compensation, you can instead focus on your medical recovery. Contact a lawyer experienced in medical treatment mistakes after a Carrollton car accident today to learn more.