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    Insurance Mistakes After a Carrollton Car Accident

    In order to avoid making insurance mistakes after a Carrollton car accident, it is significant to reach out to a knowledgeable collision attorney as soon as possible so that you can know your rights. To prevent these mistakes, you need to be aware of how potential statements made to the insurance company of the party at fault could be used against you in court. Read on to learn more about insurance mistakes after a Carrollton car accident, as well as the ways an experienced lawyer could make a difference for you.

    Danger of Recorded Statements

    Unfortunately, many individuals have negative experiences with an insurance claim or an insurance adjuster in their lifetime. Recorded statements cannot be withdrawn, so it is better to speak with an attorney so that someone can discuss what is going to be asked for in those recorded statements, and particularly what information to refrain from providing. The big rule in recorded statements is to simply tell the truth. While you are there to tell who, what, when, where, and why the accident happened, ba provider should not go off on any tangents or conversations that are unrelated to the accident at the moment it occurred. Anything said in a recorded statement can and most likely will be used against a plaintiff in court in an attempt to lower one’s compensation award.

    How Recorded Statements are Collected

    Recorded statements are most often captured over the telephone. However, if the injuries are severe enough, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to send adjusters and investigators to the hospital to interview the individual while they are in the hospital, and if they are under sedation or being medicated with painkillers. For this reason, it is always best to contact a weathered personal injury attorney first.

    Why Do Individuals Make This Mistake?

    For many individuals, it is their first time ever being involved in an accident where they suffered an injury. They may not understand that there is a difference between a property damage claim, meaning the claim involving the damage to the driver’s car and a bodily injury claim which constitutes their bodily injuries. There are different adjusters for both claims. In order to prevent individuals from getting taken advantage of, it is significant to reach out to an attorney experienced in insurance mistakes after a Carrollton car accident.

    Receiving a Check from an Insurance Company

    While the at-fault party’s insurance company will come first to settle a property damage claim related to one’s vehicle, there can be language on the face of those checks or with the documentation that one must sign to receive that check. That language waives any and all claims against the party at fault by cashing or depositing those checks.

    For this reason, it is extremely important to reach out to an attorney before accepting an amount in order to determine whether or not it is a just amount. If that amount is unfairly low and the plaintiff signs that check, they lose the right to fight for higher compensation in court.

    In order to avoid making insurance mistakes after a Carrollton car accident, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation.