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    Stockbridge Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

    A side-impact motor vehicle wreck occurs when one motorist strikes the side of another vehicle. Side-impact accidents may result in serious property damage in addition to debilitating and life-threatening injuries for all parties involved.

    When one driver’s negligent and reckless operation of their vehicle causes an accident, anyone who suffers injuries as a result may be eligible to file a legal claim against the at-fault driver. If you sustained losses in a car wreck, a knowledgeable Stockbridge side-impact car accident lawyer could advise you on your legal options. A skilled car wreck attorney could file a claim on your behalf and fight for your rights.

    Causes of Side-Impact Crashes

    A side-impact collision may occur in several different ways. Some common causes of these accidents may include:

    • Two vehicles traveling in opposite directions, and one driver negligently causes their vehicle to cross the center line and side-swipe the other motorist
    • T-bone accidents where two vehicles collide in the middle of a traffic intersection
    • Two vehicles traveling near each other in the same direction, and one driver negligently causes their vehicle to side-swipe the other by making an unsafe lane change

    Determining Fault in a Side-Impact Car Wreck

    In some side-impact accident cases, the court may consider the driver who struck the other vehicle at fault because of their reckless actions. For instance, the at-fault driver may fail to see or intentionally disregard a stop sign or red traffic signal, and as a result, strike another vehicle.

    When numerous motorists are involved in side-impact collisions, eyewitness testimony may become extremely important. An individual who was present at the scene could help investigators determine who was at fault by giving a statement that describes how they witnessed the incident. A well-versed Stockbridge side-impact car accident attorney could reach out to witnesses and help a claimant prove the negligence of the defendant in cases where the fault is in dispute. Therefore, it is essential to reach out to an accomplished lawyer who could help gather evidence and establish negligence.

    Common Injuries and Damages in T-Bone Accidents

    Some injuries an injured party may sustain in side-impact car wreck include traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, pelvic fractures, femur fractures, and lacerations to the body. If the accident victim demonstrates that their accident was the cause of their injuries, they may be entitled to compensation in the form of economic and noneconomic damages.

    Claimants could pursue economic losses for medical treatment and lost wages in addition to noneconomic damages for pain and suffering, and mental distress. A Stockbridge lawyer with experience in side-impact car accident cases could assess an injured party’s claim and evaluate what kinds of damages they may be entitled to based on the severity of their injuries.

    Speak with a Stockbridge Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney Today

    Side-impact collisions may lead to crippling injuries that could impact someone’s life for many years into the future. Fortunately, a Stockbridge side-impact car accident lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you deserve if you sustained in a motor vehicle wreck. Speak with a legal professional today, and see what they can do for your case.