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    Riverdale Paralysis Injury Lawyer

    Living with a paralysis injury can impact your life in many ways. Tasks you once completed without much thought can become significant obstacles, and in addition to the physical toll, a paralysis injury can create financial obstacles as well.

    A skilled catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help you recover damages from the person responsible for your injury. While this process to pursue compensation may seem daunting, an experienced Riverdale paralysis injury lawyer could help make civil litigation more manageable.

    The Basics of Paralysis Injuries

    Paralysis is defined as the loss of the movement or control over parts of the body and most commonly occurs due to head or neck injuries. Depending on the type of trauma to the body, a paralysis injury can be either temporary or permanent. Severe injuries typically result in life-long paralysis.

    While severe impact injuries may result in immediate paralysis, it can occur gradually in other cases. Paralysis can begin with numbness or a tingling sensation in the hand or foot and slowly develop into a loss of feeling and control in that entire part of the body.

    Medical professionals categorize paralysis injuries into four different forms of trauma, depending on the part of the body it affects. The types of paralysis include:

    • Monoplegia – paralysis in one limb
    • Hemiplegia – paralysis on one side of the body
    • Paraplegia – paralysis in both legs
    • Quadriplegia – paralysis from the neck down.

    For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer.

    The Cost of Living with a Paralysis Injury

    While the health and welfare of any injury victim are paramount, it is worth noting the enormous expenses related to a paralysis injury. The costs associated with an emergency room visit and initial hospital stay are often high, but medical costs also can increase even further as a paralysis victim gets older.

    Medical costs can go beyond treatment and hospital care. Other costs related to paralysis injuries may include:

    • Home remodeling
    • Wheelchairs or mobility scooters
    • Physical therapy
    • Lost wages
    • Medical devices

    When another person’s negligent acts are the cause of a paralysis injury, the injury victim might be able to recover monetary damages that cover these costs along with others. A seasoned Riverdale paralysis injury attorney could review an injured victim’s case to identify what types of damages they may be eligible to pursue based on the specifics of their situation.

    Statute of Limitations

    To recover monetary compensation for their injuries, a victim must file their lawsuit before the statutory deadline. The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits establishes a deadline of two years from the day of the accident. In cases involving a government entity, a plaintiff only has six months from the date of the incident to file suit.

    If a plaintiff files a lawsuit after the statute has expired, the court may dismiss the injury case permanently. A diligent paralysis injury lawyer in Riverdale could help ensure that a paralysis victim files their claim efficiently and within the statutory time frame.

    Contact a Riverdale Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

    If you are seeking damages from the party responsible for your injury, you do not have to go through the litigation process alone. The burdens associated with pursuing a personal injury claim can be enormous, but a Riverdale paralysis lawyer could help lift some of these concerns off your shoulders. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your legal options.