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    McDonough Burn Injury Lawyer

    If you have sustained severe second or third-degree burns or are coping with the scarring and disfigurement of permanent injuries due to another party’s negligence, a McDonough burn injury lawyer could explain to you what is required to file a lawsuit and what you could expect if you pursue litigation. The identification of liable parties should occur as early on as possible in a civil litigation claim, and your personal injury lawyer could become an important factor in gathering the necessary evidence to name another party as liable in court.

    Types of Burn Injuries

    Severe burn injuries may leave the victim with problems regarding pain management and medical bills in the short term, as well as long-term damages and expenses in more severe cases. First-degree burns typically produce the mildest consequences because these only affect the outer layer of the skin, whereas third-degree burns go through the dermis and affect deeper tissues of the victim—therefore causing greater damage.

    Some of the most common causes of burns include:

    • Steam
    • Friction
    • Heated objects
    • Electricity
    • Chemicals
    • Heated and boiling liquid

    Because of the horrifying nature of these injuries, it can be important to have support from a reliable McDonough burn injury attorney when seeking compensation from the party responsible for causing your burn.

    Time Limits for Filing A Lawsuit in Georgia

    The time limit that a victim has to file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident depends on whether the injury claim is against a county, city, state, or another entity. For injury claims directly against a county or city in Georgia, the victim has a maximum of six months to file a formal claim.

    For injury claims against the state, this time period is two years. Finally, the general statute of limitations for individual people or corporate entities enables victims to initiate a lawsuit no later than two years after the date of the accident, according to Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33.

    Illustrating Negligence in a Lawsuit

    Proving a wrongdoer’s legal negligence and how it caused the victim’s injury are crucial aspects of a personal injury lawsuit. The victim must demonstrate four different elements to show that legal negligence exists in a case.

    First, the defendant must have owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. Second, that defendant must have breached their duty of care by putting the plaintiff in harm’s way.

    Third, the plaintiff must have sustained direct personal injury because of the defendant breaching their duty. Finally, the plaintiff must be able to show actual economic and/or non-economic damages.

    Georgia courts apply what is known as the reasonably prudent person’s standard of care to determine the severity of a civil defendant’s negligence. For example, a landlord who failed to correct a wiring issue that led to a fire or a person under the influence of alcohol who caused a serious crash and resulting burn injuries are examples of parties who could be held liable by a burn accident lawyer in McDonough.

    Enlist a McDonough Burn Injury Attorney Today

    Depending on the scope of your individual case, a McDonough burn injury lawyer could help you with various aspects of gathering evidence, speaking with expert witnesses, preparing documentation and demand letters and representing your interests in court. When you are ready to pursue litigation, give a qualified attorney a call to schedule a consultation.