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    McDonough Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

    With many distractions and traffic going in different directions, motorists in parking lots may be more vulnerable to accidents. Fortunately, a McDonough parking lot accident lawyer could help you file a civil claim if you suffered injuries in a car wreck. A seasoned car wreck attorney could work to ensure that you receive fair compensation and guide you through any legal challenges.

    Types of Parking Lot Wrecks

    Parking lots can cause confusion because some drivers may be unsure of who has the right of way and may not be looking out for other motorists and pedestrians. Several circumstances could cause an accident in a parking lot. Some types of accidents may include when:

    • Two vehicles collide, and one is in motion
    • Two vehicles collide, and both are in motion
    • A driver hits a stationary object in the lot
    • A motorist hits a pedestrian

    Liability in these situations may be simple to determine. However, claimants who were parked or stopped illegally should consult with a McDonough parking lot accident attorney because they may run a higher risk of liability for their accident in these circumstances.

    Modified Comparative Fault

    As per the Official Code of Georgia ยง51-12-33(b), injured claimants may be liable for a portion of their losses. The jury may evaluate the fault of each driver when the court questions the liability of the plaintiff. If the injured party is 49 percent or less for their damages, they may still recover compensation from the defendant.

    In this situation, a plaintiff may receive a compensatory award that the jury reduces by their percentage of fault in the accident. With representation from a qualified parking lot collision lawyer in McDonough, the plaintiff could maximize their financial recovery.

    Challenges in Determining Liability

    Because parking lot accidents occur on private property, law enforcement officers may not issue citations or determine who they believe to be at-fault. Instead, the drivers involved and their insurance companies may determine the liable party. With no official determination from law enforcement, these wrecks can be complex and injured individuals could benefit from the services of an experienced lawyer.

    Settlements for Parking Lot Accidents

    Car wreck lawsuits may be resolved outside of a courtroom through a settlement agreement. In addition to the fault of the plaintiff, if any, the parties may consider the damages of the plaintiff, the evidence against the defendant, and the insurance policies for both parties when creating a settlement.

    Plaintiffs are not obligated to accept an offered settlement. After discussing a settlement offer with their parking lot accident lawyer in McDonough, a claimant can make an educated decision to either accept or deny it.

    Consult with a McDonough Parking Lot Car Accident Attorney

    Parking lot accidents, no matter how minor they may seem, have the potential to cause significant injuries and property damage. Injured parties may incur medical expenses and lose their vehicle, leading to financial hardships and emotional trauma while trying to recover.

    Individuals who are impacted by such an accident could seek the representation of a knowledgeable McDonough parking lot accident lawyer to help pursue compensation for their damages. Schedule a case evaluation today and find out what your case may be worth.