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    LaGrange Paralysis Injury Lawyer

    Becoming paralyzed in an accident could change every aspect of your life in an instant, from how you make a living, to your day-to-day life. Seeking financial recovery through civil litigation may become a necessity if someone else is to blame for causing such a permanent disability.

    As crucial as recovering compensation may be to your future, you may be hard-pressed to obtain a successful case result without the help of an experienced LaGrange paralysis injury lawyer. A knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney should be able to help you effectively prove liability, and also seek restitution for both losses you have suffered now and losses you expect will come in the future.

    What Causes Paralysis?

    Paralysis is a side-effect of the damage an injury or illness causes to a person’s brain, spinal cord, or nervous system. Any external impact that causes crucial nerve pathways to be bruised, torn, or severed could leave the body unable to transmit signals from the brain to other parts of the body, resulting in loss of sensation, motor function, and muscle control.

    While certain conditions may cause paralysis in a single limb or on a single side of the body, the two most common forms of paralysis manifest as a loss of sensation and control below the waist or below the neck. These conditions—paraplegia and quadriplegia, respectively—occur when the spinal cord is damaged in different places. An injury to the lower part of the spine may cause paraplegia, while an injury to the upper part of the spine or the neck might be more likely to lead to quadriplegia.

    The most common sources of paralysis that could serve as grounds for a civil case are motor vehicle crashes, slips and falls, mistakes by medical professionals, and criminal assault. However, this list is far from exhaustive, and a dedicated LaGrange paralysis injury attorney could help anyone paralyzed due to another person or entity’s negligence seek appropriate compensation for their losses.

    Legal Options After a Paralyzing Accident in LaGrange

    The state of Georgia considers legal negligence to be an absence of ordinary diligence, meaning that if a reasonable person would not have acted the way the defendant in a paralysis injury claim did, that defendant could be considered liable for causing the plaintiff’s injury through their reckless or careless actions.

    Even if a plaintiff is able to establish liability in this way, they may need assistance from a paralysis accident lawyer in LaGrange to ensure they can recover all the compensation they need. However, if the plaintiff is found 50 percent or more at fault for their own injuries, or to reduce their compensation by a proportionate amount if they bear a lesser degree of fault.

    Discuss a Potential Case with a LaGrange Paralysis Injury Attorney

    No amount of money can make up for the lifelong loss of functionality that permanent paralysis causes. However, just because your life may be permanently altered by such an injury does not mean that it is over entirely, or that a negligent party should not compensate you for the harm their actions caused you.

    By providing committed and compassionate legal support, a LaGrange paralysis injury lawyer could help you take control of your financial future and proactively seek a positive end to your civil claim. Call today to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation.