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    Douglasville Burn Injury Lawyer

    Were you or someone you love the victim of a burn injury accident caused by the negligent actions of else, or were you injured by a defective product or in a vehicular accident? Burn injuries can be caused by many different things, including electrical shocks, chemicals and chemical vapors, radiation, and—of course—extreme heat.

    By working with a compassionate and experienced Douglasville burn injury lawyer, you could give yourself peace of mind knowing that all issues related to your lawsuit are being handled efficiently for you so that you can focus on healing. Reach out to a local personal injury attorney for more information.

    Types of Burn Injuries

    There are four primary categories of burn injuries:

    • First-degree burns, where the outer layer of the skin is damaged
    • Second-degree burns, where second layer of skin is damaged
    • Third-degree burns, where the damage has gone into the underlying muscle tissues, tendons, fat, and bones
    • Fourth-degree burns, treatment for which often requires skin grafts and compression garments

    In addition to burn injuries, the victim may also suffer from the negative side effects of smoke inhalation, which can include difficulty breathing, carbon monoxide poisoning, inflammation, scarred lung tissue, or asphyxiation. A seasoned Douglasville burn injury lawyer should have the experience to help clients negotiate the legal process, file their lawsuit properly, ensure all deadlines are met, and handle witness testimonies and detailed investigations to establish liability.

    Potential Burn Injury Damages

    Burn injuries are some of the worst types of injuries, as the injured party may need long-term wound care, physical therapy, skins grafts, numerous surgeries, and psychological counseling, which makes these types of injuries extremely painful as well as costly. It may take a burn injury victim over a year in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility to recover fully, and many victims have to deal with disfigurement, permanent scarring, severe nerve damage, and/or the loss of sensory or motor function caused by the injury in the long term.

    There is also the issue of psychological trauma that may accompany a burn injury, potentially including PTSD and other debilitating emotional and mental conditions. Furthermore, depending on the location and severity of the burn, it may be difficult for burn victims to continue in their chosen career or to find future employment, which can seriously impact their ability to earn a livable wage.

    How a Skilled Douglasville Burn Injury Attorney Could Help

    You have the right to hold those responsible accountable for causing your loved one’s death or causing you to suffer severe and lasting burn injuries because of their negligence, carelessness, or intentional act.

    A Douglasville burn injury lawyer could work with fire and product safety experts, surgeons, hospitals, psychiatrists, psychologists, and insurance companies to build a strong case for you. We are here to handle all negotiations and ensure that you are fairly compensated for all of your trauma and losses. Call today to discuss your needs and find out how we could help you.