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    Douglasville Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

    Front-end car accidents are when two cars meet in a head-on collision. These types of crashes can have an immense impact on an individuals life. If you were injured in a front-end car accident, a Douglasville front-end car accident lawyer may be able to help. An experienced car crash attorney could help you learn more about your rights and legal options, and pursue compensation for your pain and suffering.

    How Front-End Accidents Take Place?

    Most head-on collisions that Douglasville front-end car accident lawyers have seen take place when one car turns left in front of another in an intersection or when a car driving in the opposite direction does not remain in its lane.

    When it comes to intersection accidents, the Georgia Motor Vehicle Code recognizes that a vehicle which lawfully enters an intersection on a green light is in control of the intersection and has the right of way. If another driver, traveling in the opposite direction, is waiting to turn left at the intersection, they must yield the right of way. If they violate the right of way and turns left, they could be held at fault for any ensuing accident.

    Personal Injuries

    As Douglasville front-end car accident lawyers know, head-on collisions are often some of the most serious and severe car accidents. It is not unusual for a victim to require hospitalization and significant medical treatment or surgery for injuries.

    Victims may be thrown into their seatbelts and airbags, but without these safety devices head trauma, chest trauma, shoulder and hip injuries, and fractures of the wrists, arm, hips, and legs are typical.

    Even if an airbag deploys during a front-end car crash, airbags alone can cause injuries ranging from abrasions to fractures. In the same vein, the impact of a driver’s head or chest into their steering wheel, windshield, or side window may result in fractures, internal injuries, head trauma, paralysis, and even death.

    Front-End Car Accident Laws

    Under Georgia state law, civil cases related to car accidents typically revolve around the concept of negligence. Negligence law in Douglasville front-end car accidents holds a driver responsible if they fail to operate their motor vehicle in a safe manner prior to the incident. If their lack of care causes injury, then they and their insurance company may owe victims full compensation for their injuries and losses.

    Punitive Damages

    In some cases that Douglasville front-end car accident lawyers have worked on, courts pursue punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to reform a defendant and show them that their behavior will not be tolerated. This often happens if the driver who caused the accident was engaging in egregious behavior such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Contacting a Douglasville Front-End Car Accident Attorney

    If you are hurt in a car accident that involved a head-on impact, consider speaking with a dedicated Douglasville front-end car accident lawyer. Head on collisions can be devastating in nature. A qualified attorney could examine you case, analyze evidence, estimate the value of your claim, and help you file a claim.