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    Dallas Birth Injury Lawyer

    Birth injuries occur when a newborn suffers harm right before, during, or immediately after delivery. These types of injuries typically happen when a doctor fails to meet the standards of care legally afforded to them. In these situations, babies can experience cranial bleeding, nerve damage, and fractured clavicle or collarbones.

    This type of harm could have lasting effects on an infant. Therefore, if your newborn sustained bodily harm during delivery, you should reach out to a Dallas birth injury lawyer. An experienced attorney could help you hold the negligent party accountable for their careless actions.

    How do Birth Injuries Occur?

    A newborn can experience birth injuries or trauma when they were not delivered head-first, were born prematurely, or the mother experienced difficulties while in labor. In these situations, the doctor may try to deliver a baby via a C-section or using a medical vacuum or forceps, which could put the infant at risk of suffering injuries.

    Many parties could be held responsible for a baby’s injuries. A doctor or nurse may be liable if they did not use proper judgment when delivering the baby. Additionally, the hospital may be responsible if there was improper training or supervision that resulted in the infant’s harm. A knowledgable Dallas lawyer could review a birth injury case to identify the at-fault party. 

    Recoverable Damages

    In a birth injury case, claimants may be able to recover the medical bills and expenses associated with the infant’s bodily harm. Also, a claimant could recover legal costs, travel expenses, and damages for the pain and suffering of the child.

    In certain cases where the defendant’s misconduct was extremely negligent, a court may award punitive damages to the plaintiff to discourage such actions in the future. There is a wide range of potential compensation available to families harmed by birth trauma, and a compassionate Dallas lawyer could work to maximize a claimant’s potential damages.

    Statute of Limitations for Birth Trauma Claims

    Potential claimants should be aware of the statute of limitations for bringing birth injury lawsuits. In general, state law sets a two-year deadline for some medical malpractice cases. However, state law establishes an exception for those who suffer injuries under the age of five. Claims involving these minors have until two years after their fifth birthday to bring a personal injury suit on the child’s behalf, according to Official Code of Georgia Annotated §9-3-73(b). A birth injury attorney in Dallas could work to ensure that a claimant meets the applicable statutory deadline to their situation.

    Consult a Dallas Birth Injury Attorney

    If your newborn suffered a traumatic injury during delivery, you may be entitled to seek legal action against the responsible party. However, it is beneficial to have a legal advocate during these difficult and stressful times.

    A well-versed Dallas birth injury lawyer could assist you in building a case for damages in addition to guiding you throughout the claims process.  To consult a caring and dedicated attorney about your child’s injury, call today.