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    Applying for Long Term Disability in Columbus

    Suffering a serious injury, being diagnosed with a chronic illness, or simply no longer being able to continue to work can throw a person’s life into chaos. Medical bills can be piling up, a lack of income and family stressors can all have a profoundly negative impact.

    However, if a person works for a company that sponsors a long-term disability (LTD) insurance plan, they may be eligible to receive supplemental payments. Sadly, this process is never an easy one. Insurance companies intentionally make it difficult to obtain these benefits that workers clearly deserve.

    An experienced long-term disability attorney can work to provide a plan for you, if you are applying for long-term disability in Columbus, in order to increase your chance of success.

    Who is Eligible for Long-Term Disability?

    Many companies and government organizations give their employees the option of deducting payments from their checks in order to buy into a long-term disability policy. It goes without saying that the employee needs to be enrolled in this program in order to take advantage of the benefits.

    Other than that, any worker who is injured or falls ill, whether as the result of a work-related accident or not, can begin the process of applying for long-term disability in Columbus.

    Defining Disability

    Every policy is unique, but in general, a person must meet their individual policy’s definition of disabled. This usually means that the worker is no longer able to perform their job at an adequate level. This can be the result of either a physical or mental condition.

    In addition, the condition cannot have existed prior to the worker signing onto the policy. In fact, one of the most common reasons for a denied application is that the insurance company argues that the condition was present prior to the policy taking effect.

    Lastly, the condition needs to prevent the employee from working for a set period of time. Once again, the period varies with the policy, but generally, runs from 90 to 180 days away from work. Check your individual policy for the specific terms and conditions.

    Proving the Case

    Insurance companies make a profit by denying claims. Because of this, applicants must make their applications as correct and thorough as possible. The most important aspect of the application is the medical evidence portion. Many people think that being diagnosed with a condition is enough. This is simply not true. All medical conditions affect people in different ways.

    In order to make a strong case, applicants should include medical records of not just a diagnosis, but also treatment logs, medical scan results, medication records, and doctors’ notes detailing the treatment received. Only after these records indicate that despite following doctors’ orders, the condition has not improved, will the insurance company be convinced of the seriousness of the condition.

    People should also strive to make their application as clear as possible. Correct dates, accurate doctors’ addresses, and proper contact information are all pieces of information critical to a successful claim. Insurance companies have been known to suspect fraud, or outright deny claims that are filed sloppily or that lack critical information. All of this combines to let the reader know the importance of attention to detail and thoroughness in LTD benefit applications.

    How a Columbus LTD Attorney Can Help

    An attorney can help people start the process of applying for long-term disability in Columbus, in order a better chance at receiving the benefits that they deserve. If you live in Columbus and are thinking of applying for the first time or, have been denied and need to make an appeal, contact a qualified long-term disability lawyer today.