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    Columbus Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

    In Columbus, a person is eligible to start driving when they are 15 years old. A minor, someone under the age of 18, is incapable of being civilly sued in the State of Columbus. Their parent or their guardian can be named as the defendant in such a case. The minor is only identified by their initials. Their name is not on any of the pleadings, but the case still includes heavy involvement by the teen driver.

    Due to the special circumstances and laws involving teenagers and auto wrecks, it is strongly recommended to withhold from filing an injury claim without first consulting an experienced attorney. A Columbus teen driver accident lawyer may prove to be a valuable asset to your case.

    Common Fact Patterns Associated with Teen Driving in Columbus

    The use of a cell phone is almost always involved in an accident with a teen driver. Other common fact patterns include cars full of teens. The teen driver may get distracted and lose control of the vehicle. Distracted driving is the biggest risk with teen driving. Lack of experience is a big factor that causes teens to be involved in car accidents. Most teen drivers do not yet possess the ability to identify visual cues and distractions that someone needs to safely operate a motor vehicle. For more information, contact a Columbus teen driver accident lawyer.

    What can Parents do to Prevent Teen Auto Accidents?

    It is impossible for parents to prevent their teen from becoming involved in a car accident. Until the car industry figures out a way to completely disable handheld cellphone use while operating a vehicle, teenagers are going to keep having car accidents. One thing a parent can do is set limits on how many people their teenager can have in their car.

    A parent should tell their teenage child that they should never leave the scene of the accident. They should stay where they are and call 911 immediately if they are able to do so. They should check that everyone is okay and call a parent soon after.

    Teen drivers tend to have higher premiums than experienced drivers. The minimum insurance limits in the State of Columbus are $25,000. Parents should always have the car fully insured with uninsured motorist coverage as well as medical payments so that if their son or daughter is involved in an accident and injured, they are well taken care of.

    How Old do you Have to be to Obtain a Learner’s Permit in Columbus?

    In Columbus, a person must be 15 to obtain a learner’s permit, also called an instructional permit, as a requirement of the Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA). TADRA is a graduated driver’s license process with several licensing stages for teen drivers. In addition, Joshua’s Law established a 30-hour classroom education requirement for teens. Instructional permits and driver’s licenses are issued by the Columbus Department of Driver Services.

    Qualities a Family Should Look for in a Lawyer After a Teen Has Been Injured

    Parents looking for a lawyer after their teen is injured in a car accident should look for someone who can be compassionate or stern when appropriate. They may want a Columbus teen driver accident lawyer who consults with them about the best way to handle the claim. It is important to instill in teenagers and new drivers the power of the piece of machinery they are operating. Teens should know that, in an instant, a vehicle can turn into a deadly weapon.