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    Clayton County Burn Injury Lawyer

    Suffering from a burn injury may lead to emotional and physical injuries. Burn injury plaintiffs might not only face the results of the burn and may also experience potential complications resulting from the burn such as infection and disfigurement. A Clayton County burn injury lawyer understands the challenges burn injury plaintiffs and their families face.

    A compassionate catastrophic injury attorney also understands what it takes to stand up to the parties at-fault for those injuries. An attorney could provide legal assistance to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

    Causes of Burn Injuries

    People typically think of burns as resulting from fires and hot surfaces. While these two factors may lead to burns, there could be a number of potential causes, which may include:

    Whenever another party is responsible for the resulting injuries, they may be held liable. This could be true whether it is a driver who caused a crash or a restaurant who overheated a beverage. A Clayton County burn injury lawyer may be experienced in pursuing claims for burn injuries which were caused by a variety of factors.

    Classifications of Burns

    Burn injuries are typically categorized as first, second, or third-degree burns. While the process of healing any type of burn injury is typically painful, some are less critical than others.

    First-degree burns are less serious than either second of third-degree burns. The damage caused by a first-degree burn is limited to the first layer of skin and may be healed in roughly a week.

    Second-degree burns are more serious than minor inflammation. The damage caused by second-degree burns could extend below the top layer of skin and typically causes blistering. It may take several months for a second-degree burn to heal.

    Third-degree burns are the most serious categorization of burns. These burns penetrate all layers of the skin and could extend further to the person’s organs. The risk of death is highest for plaintiffs with third-degree burns and these burns also may require skin grafts and put the person at a higher risk of infection.

    Proving Negligence in Clayton County

    Matters involving burn injuries typically fall into the category of negligence. The laws governing negligence in Clayton County allow injured parties to seek recovery against the at-fault party. The injured party must establish liability under negligence law to show that they are entitled to receive damages.

    The party who sustained the burn must show that the party or parties who inflicted the burn owed a reasonable duty of care. If the injured party is able to prove that the burn occurred because that duty was breached and resulted in their injuries, the defendant could be liable for damages.

    Applicable Time Limits

    In Clayton County, plaintiffs of burn injuries only have two years from the date of the injury to file their claim. This is a relatively short amount of time, and may notably be true when individuals spend a large portion of that time recovering.

    The statute of limitations is strict and failing to comply with the applicable deadlines may cause an individual to lose their right to file a claim and collect damages. Contacting a Clayton County burn injury lawyer immediately after suffering a burn injury may be the best way to ensure that the right to bring a claim is preserved.

    Working with a Clayton County Burn Injury Attorney

    Clayton County burn injury lawyers have been fighting for the rights of burn plaintiffs for several years. If you or someone close to you has suffered from a burn injury, they may be able to help you.

    An attorney could help with every aspect of your case by gathering and analyzing medical evidence, interviewing witnesses, negotiating with defendants, filing lawsuits, and ensuring all deadlines are met. To starting working with a burn injury attorney in Clayton County, call now.