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    Carrollton Student Defense Lawyer

    For college students, getting arrested for a minor alcohol- or drug-related charge may have severe consequences. Not only can they face the penalties of a criminal prosecution, but they also may face disciplinary proceedings at their college or university. If you or your child is in this situation, you may want to consult a Carrollton student defense lawyer for advice. An experienced defense attorney could help your child understand their legal rights and responsibilities and help them develop a strong defense against any disciplinary bodies.

    Common Student Charges in Carrollton

    For some, college is a time making life-long connections. This may involve late night parties, drinking games, and pranks. However, the fun may go too far, and college students often find themselves arrested for some common criminal offenses, including:

    • DUI
    • Open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle
    • Minor in possession of alcohol
    • Marijuana possession
    • Assault and battery
    • Theft
    • Criminal trespass
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Public intoxication
    • Possession of a fake ID

    The Effect of a Charge on Student Academic Progress

    Even if a student’s arrest does not result in charges being filed, or if the charges ultimately are dismissed, the arrests may be enough to trigger the application of college disciplinary proceedings.

    A criminal conviction is not required for students to be subject to their institution’s disciplinary actions, rather it is often sufficient that students were arrested. These disciplinary or violation of student conduct code proceedings can result in probation, suspension, loss of scholarships, or expulsion, depending on the circumstances.

    Since the charge may be permanently reflected on the students’ academic records, it may also be difficult to transfer to another college, apply to graduate school, and even pursue certain careers. Minimizing the impact of student disciplinary proceedings can be key to safeguarding students’ future academic success and professional career.

    Helping Students Defend Against Charges

    All too often, young adults from good families with bright futures ahead of them make one misstep that can result in severe consequences. Students and families with no prior contact with the criminal justice system nor any knowledge about local courts and relevant laws may not be sure where to turn.

    Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to the arrest, there are many options that may be available to minimize the consequences, both in the criminal justice system and at school. Particularly for first-time offenders, individuals may be able to participate in pre-trial diversion programs, conditional discharge, or other options to avoid have a criminal record.

    Additionally, having strong legal representation by a Carrollton student defense lawyer in any school disciplinary proceedings may help facilitate the administrative process and help students remain at school and on-track with their ultimate goals.

    Let a Carrollton Student Defense Attorney

    For both college students and their parents, an arrest amid accusations of criminal wrongdoing can be devastating and terrifying. Not only might you deal with potential penalties imposed by the criminal justice system, but you may face adverse actions by your college or university.

    To discuss your legal options and to build a strong defense, call a Carrollton student defense lawyer for legal counsel.