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    Actions Following a Carrollton Spinal Cord Injury

    A spinal cord injury is defined as any injury that directly or indirectly affects the spinal cord. For example, a direct spinal cord injury causes visible damage to the spinal cord itself. However, in other situations, the fracture of vertebrae does not cause any visible damage to the spinal cord but can cause impingement to the spinal cord. This term refers to a narrowing of the spinal cord, which can also cause significant harm.

    Spinal cord injuries can leave a devastating impact, which is why it is crucial to know what you should do after suffering one. By seeking the services of a compassionate catastrophic injury lawyer, you will have a legal professional who knows which actions following a Carrollton spinal cord injury to take that could help you receive the best recovery possible.

    Importance of Contacting a Lawyer Right Away

    One of the first actions following a Carrollton spinal cord injury a person should take is contacting an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer. A lawyer usually has a relationship with some of the best doctors.

    Attorneys want to make sure the treatment that the person receives for their spinal cord injury is among the best that is available. There are several questions about spinal cord injuries an individual may have that only physicians and medical care providers that specialize in spinal cord injury treatment can answer for a patient and their family.

    Dealing with Insurance Companies

    Insurance companies want people to believe that they are going to be right there taking care of people after the catastrophic accident, but that is not the case. Insurance companies have boots on the ground immediately after the accident with the goal of saving themselves money in the claim. This another reason why it is essential to contact an attorney following an accident. A lawyer will make sure that the injured person is not swindled by the insurance company.

    Spinal Cord Injury Affect on Day-to-Day Life

    Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most catastrophic injuries. An individual’s ability to do day-to-day functions, such as walking or brushing their teeth, can be significantly changed due to a spinal cord injury. Lawyers try to support a person every step of the way by helping them receive any type of treatment that they need to move forward. Unfortunately, the person’s life may never be the same and they will have to work to become better acclimated to their new way of life.

    Pursuing Damages for a Family Following a Carrollton Spinal Cord Injury

    The injured person’s family can be entitled to damages if they must care for the person who suffered a spinal cord injury. Depending on the severity of the spinal cord injury, future medical costs can be significant. Families are impacted financially due to the day-to-day care needs of someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury. There are scenarios when parents, spouses, or children have to quit their jobs in order to become a full-time caretaker for their loved one who suffered the spinal cord injury.

    Spouses and children could also make a claim for damages for the loss of consortium. For more information about the actions following a Carrollton spinal cord injury, contact a dedicated lawyer. An attorney can review your case and see if you and your family are entitled to compensation.