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    Medical Attention Following a Burn Injury in Carrollton

    The first action a person should take after suffering severe burn is┬áto seek medical care. Getting medical attention following a burn injury in Carrollton is important to the individual’s health and claim. If a person does not receive medical care immediately, the burn could result in an infection and cause serious issues. A seasoned burn injury attorney could help ensure that you are able to get the medical attention you need and also help you get the compensation you deserve following your accident.

    Different Types of Burn Injuries

    The different types of burns an individual may sustain are first degree, second degree, and third-degree burns. The degrees of the burn relates to the depth of the burn. First-degree burns are mild burns. The most common type of first-degree burn that almost everyone has suffered is a sunburn. First-degree burns are painful, but they only affect the outer layer of the skin. Any type of reddening of the skin would be considered a first-degree burn.

    A second-degree burn not only burns the outer layer of the skin, but it also burns the lower layer too. In addition to the redness of the skin and the pain, blisters are associated with second-degree burns.

    The most severe type of burn is a third-degree burn. It affects both layers of the skin but also goes much deeper than a second-degree burn. This is the type of burn that affects the nerve endings below the skin. Following a third-degree burn, a person’s skin may char or blacken. And in some cases, the skin actually whitens where the burns were sustained.

    These levels of burn injuries may happen due to fire, stinging, chemicals, hot liquid, and radiation. No matter the cause of the injury, it is essential that the injured person seeks medical attention following a burn injury in Carrollton.

    How Burn Injuries Could Impact a Person’s Life

    Any catastrophic injury could seriously impact a person’s life. A burn injury could permanently cause damages to a person’s skin. The degree of pain is not always related to the severity of the burn, because the most serious burns, third-degree burns, could be painless if they burn through the nerves. When people suffer burns and see blisters or charring of the skin, they could go into symptoms of shock. Generally, people go pale and get weak and lethargic following a burn injury.

    Where a Person Should Seek Medical Attention for a Burn Injury in Carrollton

    A person should seek medical attention following a burn injury in Carrollton by going to the Tanner Medical Center or one of their facilities. The first thing an injured person should do after an accident is call 9-1-1 and have EMT’s come to take a look at the injury. If the burns are severe enough, the EMT’s will determine whether the injured victim needs to be transported to a top-tier burn center.

    Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

    If someone thinks that it is only a minor injury, they should still seek medical attention because burns can be a deceptive injury. Sometimes people look at burns and make the determination that it does not hurt enough for them to seek medical attention. However, it is important to remember that a burn can go to the nerve endings of a person’s skin causing the individual to not feel the pain.

    It is essential that someone who has suffered a burn injury to seek medical attention so that a professional can make a determination as to the extent of the injury. A medical professional could also help the injured victim get the care that they need.

    How an Experienced Carrollton Burn Injury Attorney Could Help

    Besides seeking medical attention following a burn injury in Carrollton, injured individuals should reach out to an attorney. A lawyer could help a person recover from their injuries by helping them pursue compensation. The lawyer could begin by preserving the evidence and talking to witnesses. If you have suffered a burn injury in an accident, contact a lawyer as soon as possible.