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    Appealing a Carrollton Car Accident Case

    Throughout the course of a car accident case, a judge makes many decisions that can impact it both positively and negatively. If there is a jury verdict that does not come back favorably, the attorney will begin reviewing the trial transcript to determine whether there are any issues that may be appealed to an appellate court. Many times during trial there will be a lawyer present who handles nothing but appellate issues. This lawyer will be monitoring all rulings made by the judge to determine if there is an appealable issue should the jury return a verdict that is less than favorable.

    Speak with an attorney to learn more about automobile collision trials. A capable lawyer could potentially help you in appealing a Carrollton car accident case, so contact today.

    Affecting Damages Recoverable

    When appealing a Carrollton car accident case, the appellate court could send the case back down to the trial court for the case to be retried or send it back with a direction to the judge to make a determination of the true value of the case absent the issue that was appealed on and was ultimately won.

    Any issue before a court can be appealed. If the court makes a Ruling A and the attorney believes that Ruling A is in error, then a lawyer will seek an appeal of the trial judge’s ruling on Ruling A. If later on the judge makes Ruling B and the lawyer again disagrees with Ruling B, the lawyer can also appeal Ruling B. For the most part, any ruling made by a judge is subject to an appeal to the appellate to ask that court whether the trial judge made the correct decision.

    Appealing a Carrollton car accident case can take a very long time. Depending on the jurisdiction, appellate courts in many states are backed up with so many cases. This causes delays. The most important issue to be aware of is that strict deadlines apply. If a person misses a deadline by even one second they cannot appeal the case.

    Losing an Appeal

    The first level of the appellate court is usually an appeal to the Court of Appeals. If a case lost an appeal to these Courts of Appeals, a petition for certiorari to the Supreme Court of Georgia or Alabama is warranted.

    Role of a Carrollton Car Accident Attorney

    Appellate courts are strict when it comes to time limits and deadlines. A person should always seek the counsel of an experienced appellate lawyer if seeking an appeal of a case or taking an appeal. Skilled Georgia lawyers have practice in appellate courts throughout their entire career.

    They know the pitfalls and deadlines associated with appealing a Carrollton car accident case and they are also well-versed on looking for issues that are appealable. Not everything about a case needs to be taken up on appeal. For instance, if the trial court did not make errors, there is no reason to appeal that issue in the Court of Appeals as the trial court is given broad discretion as to what they may rule.